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December 18 2019

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Envy Cake & Lust Cake have different reasons to drink

June 16 2014

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September 20 2012

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Greed Cake and Envy Cake singing "Anything You Can Do"
Sort of a cover/parody of this video because it looks like fun.
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August 16 2012

If Cangkir eat a Sin Cake, which one will it be?

Wrath Cake, probably. Cangkir's all about psycho & strangling people. Then again it also has bits of envy as well...

August 11 2012

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My current motivation song. And lol Envy Cake gets flashmobbed by its siblings & Cangkir's the choreographer
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July 06 2012

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Envy Cake's hopeless attempt at waking Sloth Cake up
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May 21 2012

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This is what happens when Envy Cake reproduce
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May 17 2012

Surprise Party birthday present by @kamilaqurr featuring TMG, Cangkir & Envy Cake
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September 07 2011

December 8 2012

Envy Cake:
I hope the Reaper makes a title sequence about the Sin Cakes... with this we'd use it as some sort of promotion in the bakery & our popularity will increase! Also, including the Mooncakes & Tesseract bread for bonus.

November 7 - December 2
Envy Cake:
So didja have an awesome Halloween party or what?
yes, I scared people away with my corpsepaint
oh do tell, Blade, over here we still have the leftover decorations. And people thought I was a pumpkin cuz of my face. But then again, getting hung for 2 hours while containing a candle isn't that bad.
Blade (TMG):
well that's awesome because pumpkins are too mainstream
@bladasse true stuff. Get everyone to sculpt a cup next year instead of carving pumpkins. and @EnvyCake, poor chicken, MWAHAHAHAHAHA! Did all seven of you ride on her back or something? Cuz that would be torturous. Anyways what did all of you go as?
Envy Cake:
Yeah we did, but we found this huge dried leaf & made her drag us there. Also, we're the characters of Rise Of The Guardians. Lust Cake was Toothfairy, Sloth Cake was Sandman, Wrath Cake was Pitch, Gluttony Cake was North, Greed Cake was Easter Bunny, Pride Cake wanted to be Jack Frost but eventually it gave the costume to me, and it wore an elf costume instead. Zombie Chicken dressed as one of the yetis btw.
Rise of the Guardians? Aren't you guys too early to be dressing as them on Halloween?
Envy Cake:
YEP. ROTG. We watched the trailer to get references cuz this was before the movie came out. Our costumes ain't perfect but at least they were BAMF. And no one else is going out as them so we're the only ones.
ah. well. I just can't imagine a green Jack Frost. Or an orange Nick St. North but it's close to red. Speaking of red, a red Pitch. Wtf. And Sandy just isn't Sandy when he's grey. At least Lust Cake as Tooth fits, it just needs to slap some green & yellow to add to all that blue. And good cake lord, a purple elf.
Envy Cake:
ugh yeah, I was suggesting we go out as the Avengers at first, but NOOO. Pride Cake just had to be a hipster & call dibs on ROTG cuz it thinks a lot has already dressed as the Avengers in the party, and that ROTG's movie hasn't been released yet. So meh. At least I'm thankful it's being humble for once & gave me the Jack Frost role in exchange for the Elf costume. Maybe it's cuz of my fork.
heh. guess miracles do happen on Halloween. Pride Cake does have a point yo. We're better off being original than looking like other people.
Envy Cake:
I guess so. but it's always fun copying someone who looks almost identical as us. or in the same position/status as us but luckier.
October 21 
Envy Cake:
So... Cangkir must be enjoying purple day yesterday... cuz it seems Pride Cake has and painted our Sin Cake tray purple with its frosting all over. I miss St. Patrick's day...
Kappu & Tasse visited me by surprise that day. they were coated in purple paint. I was touched.
Envy Cake:
derp. lucky you getting along with your old friends.
next time go to a secluded section in the bakery & paint everything green eventhough it's not four-leaf-clover day. Bring Snot Mooncake as well. If the Tesseract breads want to join tell them to GTFO and find their own corner & paint it glowing blue

October 19

Just watched Eden 2.0 by Tesseract with the Tesseract loaves. They were teleporting everywhere & trying to get inside the bakery's owners' chests.

Sep 24

I just realized that we have different taste for metal! @bladasse likes thrash, @GreyScott likes death, @MaliceMikey loves metalcore, @YLee likes the nu metal like Papa Roach, and me as the folk metal. Brilliant! XD
To which Mike replied: HELL YEAH! ----------

OCtober 3

Envy Cake:
oh come on, Cangkir. Turns out one of them is really cool. It can teleport.
Envy Cake:
Those Tesseract bread loaves can teleport. They love to teleport. Okay now I admit I'm jealous, cuz there IS something to be jealous about.
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