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July 21 2014


May 11 2014


January 10 2014

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▶ Can Plants Think? - ASAPscience
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April 21 2013



Early Visual Development for Wreck-It Ralph

Is Ralph part bulldozer here?

(Source: disneyconceptsandstuff)

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February 24 2013


[Comics] Squirrel

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January 06 2013


June 12 2012


White” by Studio 400

A team of twenty students from a fifth-year architectural design studio at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (cal poly), developed the large-scale, interactive sculpture to showcase each student’s research book. The piece integrates both the introduction of the students’ investigative publications and their collective installation by creating a previously unseen environment. “White” is an actualised representation of the relationship between environment, user, material and space. The 4,500 square foot space has been transformed by a climbable sculpture constructed from 80,000 square feet of plastic sheeting arranged in cylindrical and tapered weaves. The material was first sliced, then loomed, woven, stapled, taped and tied by the collective in order to create a supportive surface in which gallery goers could rest and examine their architectural studies. 

(source: razorshapes)

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May 21 2012

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April 27 2012

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