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February 05 2019



I just realized May doesn’t actually have voluminous hair but whatever

September 17 2013


May 24 2013



If you don’t think Rolf is great then we can’t be friends.

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May 22 2013


May 20 2013



Buttered Toast.

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May 10 2013

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Friendly reminder that Ed ate an entire slide just because there was a pebble in his shoe.
This guy gets it.
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January 06 2013


January 05 2013

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Nom nom nom bed
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September 17 2012

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Ed Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show

I wish I can download this... this is an epic ending to the adventures of The Eds. And they finally gained what they've always wanted, acceptance.
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June 17 2012

Ed, Edd n Eddy Purgatory Theory

Source: fuck-yeah-animation

What does purgatory mean? Purgatory - (in Roman Catholic doctrine) A place or state of suffering inhabited by the souls of sinners who are expiating their sins before going to heaven.

 -Rolf was first to arrive, he immigrated from the old world to the neighborhood (it didn’t look like it does in the cartoon), died in the 1900s and kept his animals and his old-world farming sensibilities from that time 

-Johnny had no friends so Plank became his imaginary friend, died in the 1920s. He kept Plank along with him. 

-Eddy came next in the 1930s. His scheming nature stems from his experiences during the Great Depression, doing anything to get what little money he can. 
-Sarah and Ed came next in the late 40s. The cul-de-sac now sort of looks like it does in the cartoon, preplanned developments were popular then. Their mother was a hard worker and Sarah learned her attitudes from that. Ed just shut it all out, becoming preoccupied with the comic books and movies that were cropping up and becoming popular with kids during that era. They both died in the 1950s, perhaps a car accident.

-Nazz was next, a flower child of hippies in the late 60s. Died in the 70s. 

-Edd, the son of two controlling business people, prone to abusing him and giving him his meek and introverted style. Died in the late 80s of a head wound which never healed / scarred horribly, which is why he always wears the hat. 

-Kevin’s father was abusive as well, so he would ride his bike to escape and bully others because that’s all he knew. When he died of a bike accident in the 90s, he shut out his father’s old identity, pretending that his life now was with a father that gives him gifts and stays out of his way. 

-Jimmy is last, died in the early 2000s, probably of a terminal illness. 

-The Kanker sisters are the guardians of the cul-de-sac, there to trip anyone up anytime someone gets the notion to venture too far away. 

Danny Antonucci designed the characters of Ed, Edd n Eddy based on the seven deadly Sins. The seven deadly sins are Wrath, Greed, Sloth, Pride,Lust, Envy and Gluttony. Eddy would be categorized as greed; a money loving conman who would do anything for himself. Ed would be categorized as sloth; rarely does anything important besides helping Eddy with his scams. Johnny would be categorized as Envy; closest and only friend is a hunk of wood and has tendencies. Sarah/Wrath- The most emotionally violent and abusive character in the show next to Eddy’s brother and solves most of her problems through violence. to steal other peoples things. Kevin/Pride- Very cocky and full of himself, likes to show off for the fun of it. Easily provoked. The Kanker Sisters/Lust- Sees and calls the Eds their “boyfriends” and will do anything for them. Rolf/Gluttony- Occasionally eats meat and even has a personal meat locker

July 30 2011

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