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October 15 2013

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I was looking back at this painting of the Duck family in Villa Donaldo (TDR) and many questions arose. (click HD to see it bigger)

Ducks in pink: Gosalyn, Launchpad, Della, Daisy, Gyro, Gladstone, Goldie, Quackmore, Webby

Ducks in blue: Huey, Dewey, Louie, Fethry, Hortense, Brigitta, Ludwig, Elvira, Donald

Scrooge is in purple and Eider is the chef for some reason. Why are Launchpad, Gosalyn, Goldie, Webby, and Brigitta included??? (Gyro and Daisy are usually included in these so there isn’t much mystery around that). and Where is Matilda??? 

The painting is called “Houses of the Duck family”, yet most of these people arent even related at ALL. There are paintings behind Della and Ludwig that look like coats of arms, but….IM JUST REALLY CONFUSED. SOMEONE HELP.

((I actually thought it was Matilda sitting in between Launchpad and Gyro.  Who knows?  Maybe it’s Scrooge’s wedding picture!  Scrooge and Goldie are in the center of the table.  Explains why Scrooge [the groom] is the only one wearing a unique color.  Maybe that’s just the way it works in the duck society.  If we accept a mix of different duck universes, Scrooge would definitely invite Gyro, Launchpad and Webby and finally reconciled with both Matilda and Hortense!  Also explains why there’s no Gus, April, May and June - saving money of course, Scrooge only invited his closest friends and family and never had much interaction with any of those.  Gosalyn?  Maybe she was the flower girl?  Brigitta?  Maybe somebody couldn’t make it and Scrooge hated to waste an empty seat?))

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