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Dreams Come True (via pixelcurse)

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Yosuke's secret dream-drawing powers

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Sometimes my dreams escape through my windows. (via Windoodles)

November 20 2011

Dreamjournal dump 2017 (cuz I jot them down)


went back to my old high school in Brunei, place got transformed into a dormitory (well the hostel and campus are kinda in the same area but different buildings) and one time I was invited to eat lunch outside the town with my Bangladeshi friend (who is weirdly studying here cuz IRL we met in Limkokwing). Her next door neighbor is another Bangladeshi friend but I met him in this high school. Told him I'm gonna be having lunch outside with his neighbor. When I get in her house I realized that her housemate is a kid. Like, a 6yo boy who draws on paper and owns a bird cage. While she was getting ready I was asked to babysit him and it was kinda exhausting cuz he was doing typical annoying kid stuff although he's not overbearing, just curious.


I met up with my brother, drove around and found his hostel, he told me I needed to stay the night there, but at the girls' division, cuz we will be off on a mission the night after. We searched around and saw some of my office friends actually staying there. One girl (which I don't know for sure but I know she was our friend) said she had a spare room. I agreed to stay there, thinking I was gonna stay at the same unit as hers. When we get to the management office and got the keys, we went to a different floor, a few floors lower than hers. She threw me the keys and said "congratulations, you just got yourself a room for one night". Strangely the room looks like a dim 2-star hotel room instead of a hostel dormitory room. They put the clothes in shoe racks, as there's no wardrobe at all. But the strangest part was that my roommates were my grandma and sisters. I don't remember my brother driving them along here at all.

That night I went to the study room thinking I would make friends. It's kinda hard when the room is full of judgmental people who hated your guts. I sat on a round-table without talking to anyone, but suddenly one girl started being nice. She noticed I was carrying around a shirt, and she told me some tips on how to iron the seams so they look great all the time. The thing is I'm still doubting whether she's genuinely being nice or being sarcastic and secretly wanted to troll me. There's a guy across the table that seemed to agree with everything she said.

 Then comes mission day. I had to pack everything from the room, including my sisters and grandmas clothes. They weren't there anymore somehow. I got in the car and was surprised to find an old man sitting shotgun. My brother said it was late and I closed the door, and drove away.

The "mission" seemed like endless driving and felt like we're going nowhere. We suddenly left this poor old man on the road. He whispered to me saying this getup he's wearing isn't really him. It was a disguise. I didn't get it until we're suddenly transported in a different apartment and he took off his clothes, revealing that the old man is actually an old lady in disguise. And of course we stayed the night there and she bunked with me, wearing my grandma's pyjamas for the night since I still have them. At this point I'm not sure if this is a completely different apartment or the same apartment/dorm I stayed in the night before.


while I was cleaning my room I had a dream about a dead dog. It was really sad, like seeing an animal dying in a movie but it felt more real. It was the neighborhood dog and i forgot what species, but it was big and back when it was still alive, i frequently played with it along with the other neighborhood kids. The thing is I never knew which house the dog belong to.

right at that moment I just found it dead, and I somehow felt the need to take responsibility and asked around the neighborhood which house did it belong to, but somehow no one's around and the background got all fuzzy and static-ish, though it still clearly shows a row of houses against a pink-orange-golden sunset sky. i ended up burying the dog in my own backyard, feeling really sad yet hugely fearing that someone might find me doing so & accuse me of killing the dog. if that happens, clearing my name shouldnt be hard cuz the owners know i'm one of the kids who play with it a lot, so i have no reason to kill it. But still, the paranoia is very strong, and at one point i actually thought about a possible neighbor kid who might accuse me of killing the dog cuz it liked them better than me. I wouldnt care about that though, because no sane person would actually think that's a good reason to kill an innocent dog.

i woke up with tears. The dream was that sad.


I was offered work at someone's office, it looked like a national security kind of place. I told them I already work as an animator and won't be baking so much free time but the boss (an old man with balding hairline a d thick mustache) said this won't take a lot of time at all, j just had to keep out for anomalies and secure the internet. Everyone was all Indonesian, there was a lady with a hijab (probably the manager) and a younger man (probably an intern of just another employee). The people also gave me two puppies. They told me my aunt used to handle them and now they're giving me a test run. I took the puppies home, and guess what. Everything is laced in a hotel. My "house" was just a few flakes away. More like a dorm. 

After dropping the puppies I went to my sister's dorm and she was watching Harry Potter. When she got out with her friend I used the open shower which was just beside the door outside. It's weird that when the front door gapes open people can see you strip from outside. Then I came back and found my cousins playing with the puppies while watching anime. They told me there's one series I must watch and I'm like, OK but I have work to do now. But they insisted so I watched with the puppies. My workstation weirdly felt like a car, it's like I was driving one while surfing the net, patrolling. I watched the series my cousin told me to watch in the meantime cuz my work wasn't packed at all.

One moment I had to leave the puppies behind cuz I had to pray and weirdly I don't need the whole showering ritual and straight up leaned in another room. when I got back the puppies were still there but I forgot to pause the video and the anime's first episode ended. From what I could recognize the outtro song sounds like a lardy of Digimon's intro song, it was super weird. I bet this series' intro song is also a parody of another series' song, cuz it was sung pretty badly and off-key.


I swear to god last night's dream was awesome but i couldnt put everything in order. all i remember was we were at a canteen-ish part of a hospital or a restaurant, and i met a little boy who used to know this tiger who took him in like her own son. she was outside swimming in the aquatic plants reserve and i took the boy there to see her, and got to see her touching surprised reaction seeing him. They were reunited & probably swam around.

later i found some other friends and we strolled arpund the building, which turned out to be a school and not a hospital or restaurant at all. i noticed the kids from other classes are wearing signature uniforms, with colors corresponding to their classroom doors. i wonder why we werent wearing uniforms. Later we were at a pool party in another swimming pool in the same building, no aquatic plants this time, but the tiger and the boy were there too among a bunch of people. Including iiSuperwomanii, much to my delight. I guess she's the head of the pool party. The pool shifted and changed into a rock pond with everyone almost slipping and falling as the human-made tiles morph into natural rocks but one of my friends showed us how to properly slide so we wont splash in or get hurt by the rocks.

we saw Superwoman but she turned into a mermaid or something, and I rode her while the boy rode the tiger and everyone partnered up. Suddenly we zoomed out from the pool/pond and like a movie, everything fastforwarded as a huge wave floods in & took us almost anywhere. we were zooming towards different sceneries while swimming inside the current. Later i was at a gym doing more water exercises with a bunch of people, only this time there were large containers of water that we can splash in. somebody took photos of our poses and gleefully yelled that this is how we're gonna do the water olympics from then on.


A reunion with the Ridiculous Buddies. It started with my family and I going to a convention, waiting to watch an exhibition or something. At the same time I was texting Kamila & waiting for her family to join too cuz she's right around the corner, but turns out she won't be joining us. Her family had other plans despite them being in the same place as us but in different sectors.

So I walked outside while my family still waited inside. I was at an open road in the evening, a typical kampungside scenery n suddenly I saw Tina n Ash, they spotted me back and called me. Or maybe I called them. IDK why these two appeared first. Then I approached them and took selfies n told stories, filled in what we all missed and afterwards they told me where Ili and the boys are. I was glad Elly was there too with them. Turns out they were on vacation as well n visited the place since yesterday. 

Also Tina had an on-flight dream too :

there was one dream i had on flight, it was years ago though. i didnt get much sleep d night before, so i continue my sleep in flight. i dozed off and start dreaming bout something else tgat i dont remember now, there was a turbulance and that "woke" me up. When i slowly waking up, i notice my arms are floating and some stuffs floating around in the plane. until i realised that we crashed into the sea, and we're actually under water. I could breath before i knew i we were under water, but the moment i realised that we are, i start choking and gasping for air. i start struggling to free myself from tge seatbelt but it got stuck. Another turbulence shook d plane and that FINALLY woke me up, im glad the first thing i see was and open window with the blue sky and clouds passing by. i start to breath in a little and now i know what made me gasping and choking was my clogged up nose. i have dreams being in the worst situations, but this one really make me realise tht anything can happen when you're thousands of feet in the air.. far away from the ground.. everytime i get in a plane, and there's turbulance in the air, i always mentally get myself ready for anythng that night happen. yeah thats pretty paranoia kind of thing, but you cn never be too careful.



Dreamt that I started smoking but they weren't tar and tobacco cigs. It felt more like vaping, and I kept showing off in front of friends despite not knowing how to properly smoke. WTF.
Last scene I remember was at a mall with Tina and Gerald, pastel blue-green cigarette in my mouth and the smoke smelled of mint & menthol, and was kinda too strong for me I had to back down a bit. Probably made a complete fool outta myself while Tina and Gerald said nothing, and went on like everything is normal.


Tina and Philo were walking on the roadside and Philo was visibly hurt so I had to piggyback him while Tina looked out for him from behind. Along the way we sang some of his songs. we went to a certain place, probably a house of someone famous which Philo wanted to meet. Turns out the guy was dying (he's an old man with a family). All three of us were sad. In the end we left and a few days later we got the news that the guy was dead. So then my family and I went back in the house to see this guy again and the wife said he's already been buried. BUT. I could still see him sitting quietly in another room as if he was still alive. I was scared thinking if it means I was gonna die next. Oh wait before all this, I was at the mall and was kinda dared to do stunts like jumping off the second floor n riding the elevator rail. And then met Tina, Philo and the others. Philo was probably doing the same stunts n got hurt that way. And later we learnt about another family with daughters who cheated in their girlscout games, severely beating up their competition until they had to go to the hospital 


Dreamt about a shuttle ship thing and a train, both Kamila and I (and possibly our families or office friends, i forgot) are taking a trip to Japan via train. N suddenly i remember meeting Ash n Yat Weng, cuz theyve just been to Japan via a shuttle ship. They told me their whole adventure n i didnt tell them that Kamila and I were going there as well via train, cuz i felt as if im in a secret copying mission. In the train people were saying they forgot to wish Kamila a happy birthday last January or February. This I just realized after I woke up that Kamila's birthday is actually in September.

Change of scenery, my siblings and I were suddenly in our grandparents' car and my grandma was telling us a story about a lady from her office back when they were young, who was a major envious person. Her envied victim that time happened to be a man that just got in the company and yet performed better than her. She bitched about it to her aunt at home, and her aunt hired a hitman to sneak in the new guy's house, knock him out unconscious and bury him in cement, Whilst burying the guy in cement he luckily and suddenly regained consciousness and screamed for help, Though it was nighttime there were people who witnessed and beat up the hitman, who eventually got arrested for attempted murder, along with the envious lady and her aunt.

Kamila's reply:

"looool your dreams are so random "

Tina's reply:

"welp aku lagi la. I dreamt that i woke up seeing my supervisor whatsapping me saying my literature review is shit and vital speech something something all in caps. and i actually woke up, and open whatsapp, and no whatsapp frm her, like god tht freaks me out. dah alh aku nda cari dia selama sebulan but now ok la cos i did told her we gt really busy and couldnt have the time to do her request fr my research, like fuck man... i dnt think im doing this thing very good but im still doing it till om good at it but in limited time" 


had a dream today about playing a mini guitar (it wasnt an ukulele, just a small guitar) and attracting cats with my weird songs to the point that this one cat that became a regular kept peeing in our yard, marking its territory. And then I wrote a song about cat piss n uploaded it on Youtube. Got popular, but of course my parents scolded me for getting a strange cat to pee in our yard. The next day theres even more strange cats peeing in the house.
oh and before that Auzee was also in it n she kept driving me and her other friends to ITC BSD to watch random movies. She said if we get envelopes and show them to the ticket guards they work as a fake discount license. Apparently in this dream it works.

also Tina's dream:

"i dreamt that some creepy long hair japanese doll is attracted to me and it followed me around for me to notice it. And then my classmates got eaten one by one, i got pushed down from the 4th floor, woken up from the dream, seeing old friends, and getting caught by it again, then i pulled its leg and beat it up until it got annoyed and walk away... the end"


Few things i remember from last night's dream: 

  • Playing overwatch and seeing someone use Genji & D.va teaming up defeating something big. It felt more like watching a 3D movie than seeing someone else play a game btw, cuz there were conversations & different angle shots. The player used a Young Genji skin but somehow instead of green hair he had natural black hair. oh and D.va's hair is somehow shorter though the player used her default look. 
  • Parents and grandparents staying in a hotel and supposedly i was gonna fly off with my dad somewhere but somehow my passport cant be checked due to certain complications, and when we got to the airport dad told me to just tell them that his passport needs renewal and afterwards the upgrade will grant him visa for the rest of the family, not just his own passport. oh and grandma took us to the convenience store buying bottles of mountain dew and some snacks for distraction 
  • Meg & Dia headlines on Spotify (somehow spotify's desktop app has a new news feature which people honestly didnt need much, and i was reading about them while listening to their songs). weird headlines like "meg frampton & dia frampton accused of meg-jenner-bashing (lol idk who meg jenner is but she probably sounds like a blogger, coincidentally having the same first name as meg) and "meg frampton & dia frampton laughing at swedish names and trying to guess what they mean"

Thats all for now.

Dreamjournal dump from 2015/2016

Yeah this is a thing, cuz dreams can become comic ideas. Since 2013 I've always wrote down my dreams in Soup.io but earlier this 2017 Soup encountered a database error & cant recover their content from mid-2015 onwards, so those dreams I wrote down were gone forever.

Not forever. I've had backups of them written as Facebook/Line/Kakaostory statuses huehue.


Ok I had a dream today that I started living a new life in the US, working at a bakeshop/bakery. Probably designing ad posters for them.                        
 I had to hand out my namecards to people but first I crossed out the Bruneian & Indonesian phone numbers


Was at the library returning some books and the librarian was reading erotic literature which made me snort buy I didn't say anything. I striked a conversation with her until she suddenly, visibly had n orgasm. I realized she was wearing vibrating underpants n I tried holding my laughter but I collapsed, laughing on the floor trying to be quieter but I couldnt .

Lucky no one shushed me. Since I was on the floor the librarian pinned me down with her feet. N she was wearing high heeled shoes. Pressing right at my neck. She was all "yknow how boring my job can be, this is just easing up the boredom!" in a pissed tone. I was all joking like "lol you mustve read BDSM stuff in there. And can you like taunt me in another way? This feels super wrong and kinda gay tbh"
"Fine, here's a more gender-neutral and rather comical response," she says and straight up stabbed my crotch with her heel. Fittingly I said "HOLY TWAT. RIGHT IN THE TWAT"


i dreamt that though i got my driver's license, i had to pass the final test of driving at night and unfortunately my car crashed and i died. well it didnt feel like i was dead cuz i strolled around normally but when i called people they don't seem to hear or even see me. i was invisible, but i didnt know i was invisible, maybe because of my traumatic experiences with people ignoring me for no reason IRL, that sort of brought that sadness into this dream.

The second dream shed a more positive light. I remembered being accepted into a company after a quick job interview. The lady in red was all "welcome abroad" and shook my hand. i got in. later i also re-knot ties with friends I fought with. The one i most envied reluctantly walked up to me and said she always admired how I look, which was strange cuz Im kinda fashion-blind tbh. Finally the dream ended with me finding the AC remote cuz before I slept i couldnt find it and had to freeze at the edge of the bed.


Had a SICK Escape Room dream, it was horror-themed, my friends played with other people, there were 5 of us & it was a 2-hour session. Also for some reason we could go out, take bathroom breaks & find clues outside if we forgot something. The room was more of a hall tbh. 

The first segment was funny cuz we're trapped in a dim white room and to open the secret door we need to write short stories of ourselves in pink crayon (or were they lipstick?) on the walls, cuz in this game, the ghost demanded us to tell her a story, all the stories. I kinda forgot what happens after but we eventually got to this garden part (which is essentially a hall full of junk & green carpet) and we scrambled for clues, and I activated something by squirting one of the dummies with a hose. The cork in its butt exploded and there was a door, we opened it & the ghost dummy was inside. Not sure if that means we won or not.


I was on board on a train and musicians and celebs keep coming in and out. I remember Imagine Dragons putting a show and there was Cobie Smulders too, which I kept searching and she and her friend kept avoiding me for some reason. And I was looking for someone who was selling and wearing navy blue lipstick, which I wanted to get so much and when i found the salesperson she was wearing red. I tried her blue one out and the color was faded, it wasn't as matte and solid as I thought it would look and i told her i was disappointed.


Had a dream that I witnessed a twist in Popeye's life. After his gruesome death which took place in a sea storm while he and Pappy were sailing, and I was in the middle of a chaotic household which sort of made me enter this cartoon for some reason, and i was holding one of Popeye's glass which flew off my hand and broke when I tripped down the stairs, at the same time as his death. The next morning they put up a picture of him out front while the rest of the household are still cleaning up the mess the storm made. Bluto, Olive Oyl and a redhead lady with two children gazed at the photo and mourned him. Idk why Wimpy wasn't there, I thought Wimpy was his best friend, or maybe he died too or things got bad between them so they cut connections

Turns out the redhead (apparently named Elise) was his second wife aftwr he divorced Olive. Elise mentioned that he'd never let her inside his business photographs, its all just Popeye and Pappy through frames. Maybe this was also why Olive wanyed a divorce and that Wimpy was no longer by his side since. And I was like "so... is Olive gonna marry Bluto at any time or something?". Bluto, Olive and Elise didnt say anything but they signaled "in time" with their faces.

Later I was in another household, a castle, and the scenery is different, everyone is putting on their ball gowns, getting ready for something. This was Cinderella's house and after years of marriage to the Prince theyre both blessed with 3 daughters. Two teenage twins and one kid, weirdly named Iddlina, which was quite eager to go to the ball party. The two teenage girls were running around with streamers and they were dressed in one pink and one blue, one of them named Drizella (idk which) named after one of the stepsisters who is still evil and apparently already dead.

Soon I was back home with my family in Jakarta and felt the need to tell them about the aftermath and twists of Popeye's and Cinderella's lives. Later my family and I went to this relaxation mall and there were vibrating chairs all aligned. White plastic bodies and seafoam green seats. We sat on them for a couple of minutes and us kids got bored and checked out the slip n slide jungle gym plaything contraption idk what it's called. It was huge and annoyingly painted with bright primary colors. Once in the bounce house my sister's and I bounced around like kids and there was a woman with her baby too, and I activated the stairs by accident and we all cried out OMG THEY HAVE SECRET STAIRS. And we chuted down the slip-n-slide and somewhat our aunt was there too, and we safely dropped back to the vibrating chairs, strangely. This time I didn't get a vibrating chair so I just lied down on thw ground while they all continued their relaxation process.

On the perpendicular side of the set of vibrating chairs, there was a dad and his two toddler daughters trying to turn on the chairs, and they did it and he said they did a good job.


overslept. during naptime i dreamt about being in someone else's house which is left unguarded but has imvisible platforms that blink green whenever a guest trespasses onto doorways and different big floor areas. When the platforms are activated they make a startling light-metals-hitting-each-other sound and a green light barrier which probably activated a booby trap whenever someone gets through it, who knows, i was top scared to do it. I was gonna pray so I had to find the bathroom, to my surprise two of my friends from Limkokwing were there, and sort of accompanying each other towards the toilet. It was a big bathroom, they have a set of toilets just like a public restroom. And again after i was done i went back to the floor with green platforms to get to a certain bedroom to pray and found n grandparents helping a bed-ridden relative out of the room. It was HER house. This was my great aunt's house all this time.Later I watched Youtube videos of two Rugrats racing game which, in this dream, was a game I used to play with some high school friends so it brought memories. I watched the revamp trailer where the characters are already All Growed Up along with some characters from other Nickelodeon shows. Then i watched the original Rugrats racing game's trailer where everyone are still babies, and there werent any other Nickelodeon show characters. It was just them and their parents. Weirdly both videos begin with featuring a perfume that was popular around the time the games were released. The one in the original game was red and the revamp game had a golden yellow bottle. Afterwards I dug through my old comic pile and found a few uncolored fancomics about myself, my friends and our own characters racing in both Rugrats racing games. I continued reading and chuckling as I colored each panel and their triangular life bar with either red, purple or green. When my mom walked in on me she could remember the characters, the plotlines, who won and lost. That's kinda weird but I guess at some point I showed those to her.


Had a dream that I found a sleeping rooster in a giant container n released him while shouting "this is inhumane!" Anyway the chicken was freed along with a bunch of animals I found in the garden, and I googled some things on the laptop. Next thing I know is, later tht day my boss n his wife visited my front yard and said he saw everything from my Google search, including how to free a chicken.


I had a dream that we can play Pokemon Go with a Polaroid Instax cam. My siblings went to this family's house where their siblings play pokemon go too, and we have the game installed in our phones. Their mom gave us instax cameras which we can store our phones in, so we can search around for pokemon n take photos of them, ready-made instax photos. We caught a lot & spent the day capturing pokemon n collecting instax photos of them. We came back there the next day. Their house was pretty relaxing too, there was a lily pond on each side of the dark stone stairs. It's also made of stone. It's mostly white with a touch of green and dark grey, with ample of glass walls and curtains.


I just had a dream of Ryan Ross fangirling at a fashion and drag queen runway show. Cuz someone was dressing up as him. And she's a girl, since most ofthe runway show are crossdressing.
Oh and he was vlogging the whole thing. 

After the show, the next day he went to their studio in the morning, still vlogging. (the show was at night). The studio looks like a museum n it had glass walls everywhere so light was penetrating heavily. 

RyRo picked up the person's costume, it was back when he's still in P!ATD, the Fever era. He remarked that even the make-up really does make the performer look like him. Back when he was still in P!ATD he used to have this signature makeup face n after the Young Veins he doesnt wear makeup anymore


Had a dream today but I faintly remembered it. Dang. 

All I know was I was either at a big party, but some other people and I were chilling at a hotel room which kinda feels like ICC's backstage room, and it felt like a Big-Brother-esque reality show too. Some dudes were eating chips and drinking Mountain Dew slurpees and we were planning a big afterparty but failed and we kinda felt bad about it cuz the fireworks had started (maybe there were fireworks and we were supposed to throw an afterparty at the upstairs pool outside just in time for the fireworks, but it was too late). 

Suddenly we were all sitting outside on stairs. It was still night and there were pink and blue neon lights that made the scenery somewhat lively. 

These bunch of people live like sorority girls & frat boys and none of them were my actual friends from Limkokwing btw. Maybe we're in a reality show where complete strangers have to live in a sorority/fraternity lifestyle.


My friends and I moving into a bigger semi-corporate office, along with the cast of Smosh (minus Ian and Anthony). We're probably working on a project with them, and this mightve taken place after we performed the Undersea Musical in Aulait Cafe. 

there were food stands too outside for some reason, we ran & played around it like kids and the girls chose our own "fort" (basically a line of stalls) and the boys choose theirs, parallel to ours. We did this every lunch break (though for some reason the sky kinda made it seem like it's 6pm. 

Throughout the dream the aura was mostly blue, shades of ultramarine blue fluctuating from dark to light. 

I remember Noah Grossman cooking omelettes for us and the rest of the Smosh cast, oh and he also had a crush on this tall blonde girl who wore a black beret, black midi skirt n high-cut black boots with a red-n-black striped t-shirt. I think her name was Emilie or something, and she was kinda snobbish too, acting biased towards my group and the Smosh cast. She was from a high elitist group n theyre probably working upstairs from our office floor.
I mostly hang out with Olivia Sui from the cast and she was pretty cool towards Faye n Bea too. I remember Olivia wanted to take her previously uneaten omelette cuz she just remembered it, so i grabbed hers straight from the plate with my bare hand, amd there were two other girls there sitting n chatting amd probably guarding the plate so no one takes the omelettes unless people verify it's theirs. 

I also remember Noah with fellow male Smosh cast Keith Leek and Shayne Topp hanging put n spying on Emilie, who was waiting for her friend just outside the bathroom. The bluish auda was suddenly mellow orange, and beside them there was a zig-zagged glass wall and Noah could see emilie lying down on an operating table for some reason, at a 160° angle. Lucky her upskirt wasnt shown but somehow Keith n Shane were making fun of Noah for spying on her. 

At some point in the dream I watched TV and came across some news about Justin Bieber. Seems like he bailed from something big but turns out he was kicked out from some sort of celebrity touring program. I noticed Faye was reading a magazine that contained the same news. It kinda looks like Tiger Beats magazine though. I asked her what it was about and since she's a fan, she explained it to me further. The gist is; Justin found out on an internet article that he was the #16 most influential person in the world, and in this tour he sort of abused his influential powers to treat the workers and servants there poorly, basically being a dick to them. After the manager got angry and he got kicked out, he finally realized his mistake and made a public apology online. I grabbed the magazine from Faye and saw a visual list of other celebrities who went aboard with this tour program. Only one or two were from my favorite bands, as usual. The rest were mostly pop artists. 

At the end of the dream Faye seemed to be operating an advanced photocopier. Olivia n Courtney had their own too in their cubicle. The photocopier has a fridge, a photoscanner, a shredder, a soda machine, hell, even a laptop. and lpts of hidden compartments everywhere. Faye said they couldnt all be activated at the same time so shes struggling n trying to make exactly that happen.


Just feed-scrolling on twitter. then i found my friend complaining about someone kink-shaming/slut-shaming either someone a 'marano' or they're calling them a 'marano'. she then stated she knew a guy in her class/office named marano and that he's a genuinely nice guy and works at a part time stripper. that's a coincidence too cuz people tend to slutshame strippers.


Had a dream that Carrie Hope Fletcher came to visit with some college/school/office friends of mine, n we chilled at my room until my sister came n brought a mini voice recorder for them all to chip in their backing vocals for a song I'm currently writing. Each of them started harmonizing n sang their part for the chorus n ending, I was touched. My sister then put the voices inside a red n gold pen drive with a hook, which I could wear as an earring. So it's like discretely carrying soem private data while wearing an accessory. It was rather heavy on the ear though.

But the thought that even Carrie Hope Fletcher chipped in her voice for my song kinda felt like they're all wishing me good luck on me with writing songs


ok... the last thing i remembered fron this dream was being asked to deisgn a 6-panel poster of Wolverine and Storm in bed about to have sex.


i kinda forgot to write that last night i had a dream that Melanie Martinez came in n took a shower in our bathroom. We were outside though n only saw when she came out, n it looks like she regrew her hair and it was extra loooong. still two-toned but the colored half was dyed purple. Before this when she was in the shower, she talked to me and my siblings.
(besides them, only our grandma n the babysitter are in the house).
All the while Melanie was there my grandma awkwardly offered her some snacks or special treatment as guests usually get (moreover she's a celebrity) but she told them she's fine and she just wanted to use the shower.

The house we live in isnt even a typical house. It's like a remodeled cave of deep emeralds, dim-ish but brightly saturated. It has lots of tunnels and long edges, and not much rooms.
When Melanie was all dressed (in a cute lolita outfit as usual) she went to her collection of perfume bottles and picked a purple one, spraying it on. Then she left, cuz she probably had to shoot a music video or something. I ran to her perfme collection and noticed she had some Katy Perry perfumes too. I picked the same purple perfume she just used & sprayed it on myself, then i noticed the biggest perfume bottle. a transparent jade-colored but diamond-shaped translucent bottle and loudly muttered "oohoohooh now this.. i LIKE THIS one!" n opened the lid n smelled the inside (which kinda looks like an incense candle). Somehow i knew it smelled of envy and jealousy. Thats a pretty damn good smelling scent.


Had a dream of seeing a horror movie during sending my grandma to a hospital for a checkup. while waiting there was a small club for transgenders n i saw a transwoman holding a baby, n a soon-to-be transman who's waiting for his testosterone shots. they were wearing badges. i took one badge for fun n once again they confused my gender eventhough im just a cis woman waiting for my grandma's checkup in the room. and then i saw the horror movie on the waiting room tv. it was about a super-religious white family with unseen demons in their house, n they were super paranoid because of that. The last parts of the movie were about the daughter and her friends n how they all die one by one (the first one who died got turned into a plate of cookies n was eaten by her friends. i forgot how the rest died). chaos ensues. i was interested at the movie n continued watching by parts. n finished until my brother came to visit with his girlfriend. he asked me to move a bathtub for her in another room during the stay. for some reason i began feeling the creepy vibes from the movie as if it was a real event. i heard whispers and felt like i was being watched.  The previous night's dream was where i accidentally came across a few erotic fanfictions of The Strokes.., like wtf 

August 31 2011

Psychedelic dreams by helenesse
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August 27 2011

Envy and jealousy and jealousy and envy, and sloth and laziness and laziness and pride and vanity, and vanity and pride, and sloth, and wrath and anger, and anger and wrath, and love and lust, and lust and love, and faith and belief, and belief and faith, and dreams and reveries, and reveries and dreams. IDGAF.
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xiu_min shares yeah~ dreams do come true~~
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February 16 2011

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