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October 14 2011

October 13 2011

web-computingMaking Adocu & Jaiku wallpapers just to match the Twitter one I found somewhere. & STILL SOUPFAGGING.
Tags: dreamjournal

September 24 2011

web-wallclockWHAT? I slept at 3 & only woke up at a few minutes before 8?! WTF happened to my sleeping pattern?!
Tags: dreamjournal

September 23 2011

September 22 2011

web-grumpyBukan 'vampire' tapi 'vamPAYAH'. Vampire yang payah.
Tags: dreamjournal
web-exclamationmarkFound it funny that me & ZK sorta have a few similarities... maybe me copying her gif doodles is DESTINY after all...
Tags: dreamjournal
web-cameraI envy those people with high-quality cameras. They have a higher rate of figuratively bringing viewers of their photos into their lives.
Tags: dreamjournal
web-alarmclockThere we go. Spon-fucking-taneous. Now apply that to your MORE IMPORTANT works.
Tags: dreamjournal
web-coffeeNow I kinda wanna drink some cough syrup tea. Reminds me of the time when I used to blab about it in Adocu with big long single words.
Tags: dreamjournal
web-saltToday's so BORING it needs spicing up...
Tags: dreamjournal
Yes I did, yes I did, somebody please tell'em who the F I is,
Tags: dreamjournal

Dream 29/6/15

I just returned from watching a Summer Moon concert live (which is weird cuz i m not much of a Summer Moon listener) and i got home as mom and dad just left the house. Here's the thing, our house in this dream is kind of a roundabout. We have a big house with a big fence thats kinda in the middle of the road, and there are other smaller houses everywhere so we mostly get confused guests wandering around and asking us for directions to go to the right houses in the neighborhood. My sisters and I did this everyday, in fact.

That night, after a huge dose of directing guests, I went to yet another concert, with bands like Mindless Self Indulgence, Jack Off Jill and a few other Riot Grrl bands (which is also funny cuz I dont really listen to MSI & JOJ either). I knew my buddy Cassandra and her bf Brad would be there and sure enough I met her & we talked about stuff that went on (she had loads more to tell than I do).
Suddenly the scene changed from a colorful closed stadium (probably celebrating the legality of same-sex marriage) to an open event with a duller crowd, and it was morning again instead of night. And as an unexpected surprise they decided to feature Gerard Way and he wasnt singing. He was sitting at a table signing stuff as if it was a live conference. Or an open interview, since he was answering questions from the crowd regarding both his music and art stuff. Cass and I were still there but it kinda felt like we were looking through an elliptical computer screen rather than watching live. Cass worried whether some obsessed MCR fangirls had anything to do with this but I said he just happened to be there briefly for a QnA.

We were kinda far from the stage, and there were a few ladies and one guy squeezing in the crowd a few feet in front of us, and the dude asked Gerard something about his comic ideas being included in a future music video. Then I realized the familiar pinkish red greasy tuft on his left side and that it hit me. That was Julian Casablancas. And the brunette lady next to him must be his wife Juliet. I immediately exploded cuz not only I got to see two members of the Strokes that day (first was Nikolai Fraiture in Summer Moon), i also got to see these two leadsingers interact with each other. Then i kinda wished it was Albert Hammond Jr instead, cuz he and Gerard are birthday twins:D

Cass wasnt feeling my full hype but she was happy for me anyway cuz it's a general feeling. We kinda giggled and went nuts until the QnA ended.

Later after I got home the family & I went to our grandparents' big house (kinda like our parents' big house but made of wooden exterior). My grandma was giving a big religious speech to a big crowd and my siblings were tasked to find her before sundown. We got lost among the crowd, but finally we found her, and she was just about to end her speech. We waited as she successfully dropped the finale and everyone vivaciously clapped at her as if she won an event that moment.
We fetched her to our house after that.

dream 12-5-2015

The whole thing took place in my house entirely, all vibrant with pastel fruity colors and thick white small subtitles, in all caps, like we were in a music video slash sitcom. My mom was downstairs, telling me to tell my dad to fix the kettle cuz she was gonna do something with it. I ran upstairs & pestered dad to fix the kettle when he's done in the bathroom. He was like alright, alright I'll fix the kettle later.
Meanwhile my siblings... well... idk what they exactly did.

I was playing with Lego bricks in another room afterwards, and thats when the aura's bright colors faded, into a greying, much less-saturated color palette. There were people talking in the room behind me (my back was directly facing the door opening, and there was no door) and guess who I saw. Natalia Kills, with her posse (and Willy Moon wasnt there, just the girls). Natalia and the others were bragging about the badass achievements they've got this year, like they were comparing how much drunk partying one has more than the other, who flippin raged in front of a cop, who wrestled a bear with a chainsaw, etc. It was fun to hear but I dont know why I was annoyed, & I couldnt concentrate on building stuff with my Lego, so I grabbed a handful of Lego and I felt something soft and crittery between my hands... and I squished it right away against the few blue 8-buttoned Lego bricks I'm holding. It was a cockroach and I could feel its legs falling apart & its juices dripping down my hands, but I didnt look at it. I threw the dead cockroach at Natalia and her buddies and it took them a few seconds before they started freaking out.

That kinda freaked me out too straight outta the dream.

Dream 19-4-2015

Had a dream that i killed someone last night.
It began in yet again another post-apocalyptic neighborhood my mom and I visited. Turns out my grandparents were staying there and both my mom and I stayed in the place for a few days. The neighborhood was just a long road with all the services on one side (shops, clinics, tuition rooms, banks, restaurants etc) everything was slightly in ruins and the aura was grey, smoky and foggy.

One time i was asked to go upstairs from the piano shop/school for advice, cuz someone lived up there and they told me that she was an artist too, like me. Turns out that girl was one of my old arch rivals in deviantART and somehow she still resented what i did years ago and when i requested for a truce and for some advice, she just sassed me back as answers and not even bothering to know what my problem was. As my grandpa checked upstairs and entered the scene just to see if I was ok, the girl was still hurling insults at me so I violently grabbed her and threw her smack bang on the stairs, Hulk style. She was still talking so I grabbed sharp things and tried throwing them at her face (which was somewhat difficult idk why). Finally, I jabbed her with a pine green umbrella with a black tip and she died, being impaled on the face. My grandpa just stood there motionlessly, confused on what was going on.

I took my grandpa out of the room and explained the incident to him. Days after, my mom and I had to leave and just then the news about me killing the girl who lived above the piano shop spread like wildfire on that post-apocalypyic neighborhood.

Tags: dreamjournal

September 20 2011

Dream 3-4-2015

a bunch of LKW friends and I were running around on a field filled with tall white reeds, hands holding each others', laughing as we swarm around. We mightve been with another group of friends who were also doing the same thing.

suddenly a chase happened (i dont know who were chasing us) and we all scattered, leaving only me and Tina alone and we hid in the underground sewage tunnels. As soon as we lost the chasers we roamed around the tunnels and found a Malay couple in their early 30's also trying to escape. The woman told both of us to stay close to her and her husband, and soon enough he found an exit door which lead to a cleaner tunnel.
The four of us entered but since the tunnel has branches the couple ended up going one way (I think they probably know where theyre going) and Tina and I went another way, and we found a big door. We opened it and a woman in her 40's opened it, welcoming us to stay.

Tina ans I agreed eventhough we were uncomfortable staying in at a stranger's house, but I got the feeling that that's no complete stranger. I felt like she was a relative to an old foe of mine from high school, so the whole time I was afraid if that old face will show up anytime.
I asked the lady if we could borrow her prayer sheets, since we havent prayed yet. She said yes and went to get them, and as I took wudhu on a small cylindrical sink, the lady's pet cat bothered me, wanting to play with me. The lady came out and saw this, and laughed, saying the cat likes me.

At night after Tina and I stayed for a couple of hours, we heard a voice. I knew the voice was familiar so I told Tina to hide behind something. Seconds later my old high school rival barged in, calling her aunt to do her some favor (the lady was her aunt) and thankfully, she left after whatever favor she asked was done. Tina and I sighed with relief and came out from our hiding spot.

We stayed the night in her place, but when I woke up I was at a rich museum-ish building, with glass walls, fake stones and fake plants everywhere. The rooms had glass walls and doors, the faux garden was lit up by lights from ceiling windows and towards the room area, the light was dim and yellow against concrete walls. The weird thing was, my parents were picking me up along with my grandparents, aunt and uncle. And they were wearing classy formal black attire. Tina wasnt there anymore though, maybe her family picked her up already or maybe she got transportes to another place from the lady's house.

Tags: dreamjournal
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