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October 06 2019

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More Good Omens doodles digitized from my notebook. Feat. Oniphobia’s Meowley & Azirapom (they’re like the new Lokitty & Thorgi, i wanna see crossover art of all 4 of em together). And once I saw someone drew a wrinkly af Gabriel from the hellfire scene & couldnt stop laughing at it. I forgot who though.
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September 08 2019

Steven Universe + Good Omens + Twenty One Pilots (and other bands) doodles (with a side of Try Guys)
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September 07 2019


March 09 2018

Doodles on Sketchbook Pro 02/2018
A continuation of this, with mostly Black Panther & Kyou Kara MaOh characters

oh and Günther has a Gunther

February 20 2018

doodles from a meeting 14/2/2018
was at a meeting outside the office, and felt like doodling on the side as i was taking notes

July 01 2016

June 08 2016

Maytrait 2016
It's a little late for me to submit this cuz it's already june.

April 30 2016

Apriltrait 2016
doodles for this month's Montrait challenge. Earlier I was gonna do the Maretrait(Mactrait) one but failed cuz I started on the wrong paper, and with a blue pen idk if that's allowed but I did well this month, although I lost the paper at one point & my friend found it again.

Separate pieces on Tumblr: X X X
Soup repost: X

June 14 2015


May 05 2015

a quick-ass doodle of Bloc Party taking a derpy group selfie

April 28 2015


The face I’d bet Julian Casablancas would have if he ever reads Wonder

Also Janelle Monae just because

April 20 2015

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Sunday evening, when Tina and I doodled stuff.

Eventually we made a commercial slogan out of a typo and sang yet another parody of Fall Out Boy's "Alone Together", typical us when we chat.

April 19 2015

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meanwhile have some more Strokes

got stuff to do this Sunday but I ended up doodling these mofos instead. Yep some of the scenes are taken from Taken For A Fool and Under Cover of Darkness (the rest are from some Fab Moretti & Nikolai Fraiture interviews)

April 05 2015

Digitizing that last Strokes lazy doodle because I'm a procrastinator

April 01 2015

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Tina just told me she had Viber last night... and since theres this doodle feature just like Rocketalk, we DOODLED ALL NIGHT :B

posted the separate doodles on tumblr

March 14 2015


January 22 2015


a cup of irrational envy / TEApression

"Instead of constantly wishing what others have that you don’t, try being happy with what you already have" - basically everyone in my life

before | WIPafter

December 16 2014

sea critters & splashes
mermaid baymax tho
Doodled this on the Galaxy Tab 3

December 03 2014

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