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June 03 2015

Why I didn't repost your "missing person" post






  • There’s no date on it.
  • There’s no number to call if we actually do see that person.
  • It’s just a random picture and I have to take your word for it that the person’s name, age, and last known location are all accurate.
  • Therefore:
  • For all I know that kid was found two years ago.
  • Or was never missing.
  • We don’t know if they’re actually missing or if the post was made by an abuser looking for their victim.

log this

Last week a post circulated on Swedish facebook about a missing person. Turns out the woman had changed her identity to get away from her abusive (ex-)husband. Now she has to go through it all again. The police went out and told people to fucking stop spreading posts like these without thinking, and to call the police if you see the person, not some random you’ve never met.

THANK YOU. Also, if there’s no location. Should people be looking for the person around Atlanta? Around Glasgow? Dallas?

And again, because it can’t be said enough, call the cops if you see something, not some random-ass number.

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May 11 2013


July 14 2012









Deserves attention.

This needs more attention.

I support these men, not just women in similar situations ♥

Man or woman, you can be abused.

There is not reason for this. Ever.

The sad thing is, men are much less likely to report abuse than women for fear of seeming weak. 

This makes me SO angry. My dad’s lunatic wife actually went at him with a knife and tried to kill him. The police did NOTHING because she was a woman. Had the roles been reversed, had my dad snapped and gone after her, he’d be in jail, no questions asked. The double standard is outrageous.

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