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February 16 2015

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The background here: my girlfriend had a 1944 dollhouse that she grew up with, and acquired bits of ‘furniture’ to make the experience more real. We were just down at her mom’s place for the holidays and, feeling nostalgic, she set up the bedroom. Her cat, Sunny, being the quirky thing that she is, finds new things interesting and manifests this curiosity by lying on them. These pics capture that moment: a small doll house bedroom with a gigantic Maine Coon, head resting on the pillow and everything. The first pic caught her getting comfortable, with her tongue just sticking out of her mouth.


This is the kind of thing I should focus on reposting.

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July 21 2014


March 19 2014


November 17 2012


April 24 2012

Mei playing dollhouse: Now KISS!
Koichi: WUT
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