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February 05 2019

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Collab with @kamiqurra
Well tbh this was her birthday gift for me in 2014, she drew the lineart but never got the chance to color it so 4-5 years later, i colored it just for fun.
This is us diving into jello like a swimming pool.

October 09 2014

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I just watched this, hypnotized, for a good minute. 


poor penis sheriff gets tiny in the cold water BUT IT IS HIS SUPERPOWER HE CAN USE IT TO ESCAPE

But seriously guys, HAS NO ONE NOTICED THE ‘W’ ON HIS BANDANA!? HELLLOOO? W= WEINER or WANG or WILLY or WOOD or even WONTON TACO I mean come on let a guy call his dick what he wants
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March 02 2014


February 19 2014

February 05 2014

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September 25 2013

May 27 2013

April 01 2013

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March 31 2013

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November 26 2012

June 13 2012

Made my night. Made me LOL
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