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January 29 2015




how long must we wait for a lesbian disney princess

or what about a prince who throughout the entire movie you think he’s going to be the love interest but in the end it turns out he’s gay




Don’t sit around complaining that a storyline hasn’t been done by Disney when there are other animated film companies that have been there, done that.

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June 09 2014

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May 11 2014


May 01 2014


April 30 2014


March 24 2014


March 09 2014


January 24 2014

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I’ve been spamming twitter with my silly Disney/Pixar genderbending sketches so I thought I’d clean some up and put them here as well~ (I also did some Frozen genderbends) This was fun! 


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Disney Princess Movies before and after name changes.

"how can we improve these titles?"

"… adjectives

Because the audience loves single adjectives as movie titles

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January 13 2014


Conceal, don’t feel. Don’t let them know.

"[With Elsa, it] definitely was intentional to show anxiety and depression." - JENNIFER LEE (x)


Like yes, I agree with the major criticisms going around tumblr re: racism and heteronormativity and not enough major female characters YES, they’re all valid points.  I just don’t understand the bloodlust towards Frozen more than, say, Tangled.  These issues aren’t unique to this movie; they’re widespread societal problems and that leaks into our media.  It can still be a good/enjoyable movie.  I see you SJWers enjoying Aladdin at the same time and that shit’s racist as hell.  Just because something has problematic elements doesn’t make it bad.

BUT THIS CHARACTER IS SO FUCKING IMPORTANT.  Because little girls are obsessed with her, they’re latching on to her.  Little girls love Elsa.  And she’s a Disney Princess with major neuroses.  (I know this is Anna’s story but Elsa’s more popular.)  And it shows a main female character with major anxiety and depression issues, and it shows her as a powerful, strong, loving person around those issues, and it shows her as an incredibly positive character. 

A lot of people are saying that the story would’ve been better if Elsa’d been the antagonist, and she wasoriginally intended to be until that changed in development.  And you know what, it’s for the best because she’s a protagonist with mental issues.  It’s easy and common to give those to a villain.  Villains are twisted and they hurt people because they’re not Good People.  Disney Princesses might not be perfectbut they’re damn close to it and their faults are charming and cute and not crippling.  Elsa’s issues and her failure to deal with them are crippling.

So many teens and adults have identified with her issues, and seeing them portrayed in a positive and beloved character is so fucking important, because children see that not just scary weirdos have mental issues.  Elsa hurts people because of her issues.  She doesn’t mean to but she hurts her parents and sister and kingdom and strangers, emotionally and physically.  And she’s a Good Guy.  Not only is she a Good Guy, she’s a Disney Princess.  They’re not supposed to hurt people — except oh maybe hurt feelings because they were following their dreams or something saccharine like that.

And she makes a series of bad choices, selfish choices, because she can’t deal with her issues.  Just like real people.  She’s not a bad person because she makes bad choices stemming from her neuroses.  Little kids see someone who’s awesome! with anxiety and depression and they see that she’s more than just her issues, and she’s deserving of love

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January 10 2014

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Wolverine is the Best Disney Princess is an art project commissioned and curated by David J Prokopetz

Fabulous costume designs!

Now totally picturing Hugh “Song And Dance” Jackman in these pretty Disney frocks!

1. Wolverine is the best Disney Princess, by Larbesta (larbestaaargh.tumblr.com)
2. Wolverine is the best Disney Princess, by Katie Longua (http://klongua.com/post/72021752538/3-prokopetz-wolverine-is-the-best-disney)
3. Wolverine is the best Disney Princess, by breadsports (http://hotrodsfromheck.tumblr.com/)
4. Wolverine is the best Disney Princess, by Suzi Eberhar
5. Wolverine is the best Disney Princess, by Andarix (andarix.tumblr.com)
6. Wolverine is the best Disney Princess, by Clawfoot Tub (http://clawfoottub.tumblr.com/)
7. Wolverine is the best Disney Princess, by Sehn (http://deadlypair.wix.com/deadlyduo)
8. Wolverine is the best Disney Princess, by Bitley (bitley.tumblr.com)
9. Wolverine is the best Disney Princess, by Sasha (http://edwardkenway.tk/)
10. Wolverine is the best Disney Princess, by Strampunk (http://steampunk-girl.deviantart.com/)

Gallery 1 

Gallery 2

Via @ComicAlliance.

oh dear god, this is perfect

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January 08 2014



Do you know what I want to see?

I wanna see a really cool Disney princess who can’t sing. I wanna see this pretty young girl who sounds like a beached whale when she tries to sing “Happy Birthday.” And none of the musical numbers feature her because she doesn’t sing.

But halfway through the movie, she figures out

She can rap like hell

This post kept getting better and better with every word

What if she can beatbox as well. i wanna see her rap AND beatbox

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January 03 2014


August 29 2011

The Evolution of Female Stereotypes through the Disney Princesses
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