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February 17 2020

A fanart of Phobia Circus (their OCs Phobia and Her) with Alastor & Angel Dust from Hazbin Hotel, and HIM from The Powerpuff Girls.

December 06 2014



I can’t wait to discuss Ferguson over the dinner table this thanksgiving. I’m ready to shoot down all my Wilson supporting family members with a mile long speech. 

In fact, here’s an entire masterpost I made of points and evidence you can use to destroy Wilson supporting family members. Enjoy


I’m so fucking livid right now.

My mother just told me that she thought the cop who killed Michael Brown did the right thing. That Michael Brown, quote, “provoked the officer”.

I just about flew off the handle.

Do me a huge favor tumblr. Send me links. Send me any and all information so I can slam the evidence in my mother’s face how fucking wrong she is.

Michael Brown was innocent.

Ferguson Donation Masterpost


i’ve seen a lot of donation links going around, but no compilation, so here’s all i could find:

July 08 2014

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January 05 2014

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The friendly hospitality of Elrond is severely tested.

Thor is like a mix between a dwarf and an elf… tall and handsome..muscular and rude during meals XD

(this time Loki is proud to be the adopted one.)

I did a crossover because I could not decide what to draw! they are my favourite fandoms so it will become another poster!


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November 26 2012

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HIMYM 8-05
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October 09 2012

(via Got Smile)
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August 29 2012


July 21 2012

‘The Secret Rendezvous’ by Lynn Lupetti’s
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August 28 2011

February 10 2011

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