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April 06 2015

The differences between poop, crap, turd and shit
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February 20 2015

Explain Susie Syncra Bell. Explain Heelward Too

First of all, Heelward the Big Blue Cat is supposed to be a parody of Clifford The Big Red Dog, i made the series in 2001 but the idea got discarded until i started making a comic series for my cousin called Fruit Bomb. There, i decided that Heelward would pop up cameoing as a tv show and the plotlines would be hilariously bastardized compared to Clifford's educational episodes. Sadly I havent continued Fruit Bomb for a long time now.

Secondly, Heelward as a character. He's ultramarine-ish bright blue, big, helpful & loyal to his fellow cat friends and his owner Susie(Suzie?) Syncra Bell, and her friends too. He doesn't mind baths and he sleeps in a tent with a large basket inside it. He speaks in a casual manner. He doesnt mind giving others a ride at times due to his humongous size. Also no one knows where he spits his hairball out tbh. It's a mystery.

Thirdly, Suzie Syncra. She's a joiner, not a beater. She likes drawings although not that talented, and loves traveling, swimming and basically just moving around. She's usually cool with her friends eventhough they act unbearable sometimes. When it comes to new people she acts awkward and just watches them from distances before eventually speaking to them and becoming close. She has auburn long hair and wears light blue and purple clothes most of the time, except for her pink swimsuit.

What kind of similarities does susie syncra has with emily elizabeth besides heelward and clifford?

besides cliff & heel? their fahsion style (longsleeved collared shirt, mini skirt, striped socks), the fact that they used to live in an apartment before moving to an island. and their kindheartedness towards people in general, i guess? oh and them being moralistic, optimistic & athletic (not sure about this one cuz i dont know how sporty suzie syncra is). But i guess suzie syncra is crazier a bit, whaddaya expect, it's supposed to be a parody, pardon the obvious similarities.

what about da differences of stephanie from lazytown with seattle?

differences? lol well obviously stephanie likes pink n seattle likes teal hahahahahha.... and their music tastes i guess. seattle loves alternative rock songs, and some synth-pop, and stephanie and the other lazytown kids are probably into techno, house n dance music just like in the show. oh and seattle also has a little brother tex, while we dont know whether stephanie has siblings or not cuz her uncle is the only shown family member. dont you mean to ask their similarities after that last question asked?

October 27 2013

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▶ Moths vs Butterflies - The Brain Scoop

July 09 2013


February 07 2013

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UK English versus American English
As an Indonesian I gotta admit I basically speak American English, but when it comes to writing I spelled some words in British English and some in American English. e.g. I write "smelled, spelled, learned" but "dreamt" in the first example. And I write 'moustache' instead of 'mustache' but didn't use the extra 'u' in 'colour'; just 'color'.
Like the infographic said. Many ESL speakers have their own natural preferences.
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January 03 2013

November 04 2012

Obama VS Romney VS Hurricane Sandy
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April 08 2012

Babymouse explains comics & graphic novels, and some differences
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April 05 2012

Boss vs Leader
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September 13 2011


LaVeyan Satanism
The most well known branch of Satanism is the form created by Anton LaVey in the 1960s. He created the Satanic Bible, which remains the most available text on Satanic religion. He also formed the Church of Satan, which is by far the most well known and most public Satanic organization.

LaVeyan Satanism is atheistic. According to LaVey, neither God not Satan are actual beings. Instead, Satan is a symbol representing the qualities embraced by Satanists. Invoking the name of Satan and other infernal names is a practical tool in Satanic ritual, focusing one’s focus and will upon certain concepts.

The only “god” in LaVeyan Satanism is the Satanist himself. Satanism is a celebration of the self. It encourages people to seek their own truths, indulge in desires without fear of societal taboos, and perfect the self.

Theistic Satanism
Theistic Satanism, also known as Spiritual Satanism, recognizes the existence of supernatural beings. Oftentimes this being is called Satan, but sometimes other names are used. The Temple of Set is one of the most well known groups of theistic Satanists, although they no longer identify themselves as Satanic, seeing their movement as something new and distinct.

Regardless of the being or beings in charge, none of them resemble the Christian Satan. Instead, they are beings that represent the same general qualities as the atheistic Satanists associate with their symbolic Satan: sexuality, pleasure, strength, rebellion, etc.

Many see Luciferianism as another branch of Satanism (and generally a theistic branch, although there are some who see Lucifer as symbolic rather than an actual being). However, Luciferians see themselves as a separate religion.

Luciferians use the term “Lucifer” in its literal sense: “lightbringer” in Latin. Rather than being a figure of challenge, rebellion, and sensuality, Lucifer is a creature of enlightenment, the one who brings light out of the darkness.

He does not, however, present his gifts to everyone. Luciferians embrace the seeking of knowledge, delving into the darkness of mystery and coming out better for it.

Luciferians also stress the balance of light and dark and that each depends upon the other. Park of that light and dark pairing is spirituality and physicality. While Satanists revel in physical existence, and Christianity focuses more and spirituality, Luciferianism is a religion that seeks a balance of both, recognizing that human existence is an intersection of the two.

May 22 2011

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Ninjas vs Professors
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March 18 2011

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