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May 18 2019

My entry for @shuli.chan's 200 followers celebration #shulichan200_dtiys

Heres her character Lily with a bunny on a dice seat (the dice idea was taken from an old drawing ive seen somewhere before). Idk why she's with a bunny whwn her animal theme's visibly a cat.

January 28 2014

2462 32ca


Dados cubo de compañía. A la venta aquí.

Companion Cube dice. You can get them here.

Dadu kubus pasangan. Bisa didapatkan disini.

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July 22 2012


May 13 2012

CUBE OF OWLS by kinkei
Tags: owl owls cube dice

November 18 2011


Gravitation by Suzy Lelièvre

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October 22 2011


May 29 2011

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