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March 04 2014


December 07 2012

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Draw Something: LVL SCIENCE

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So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.
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June 15 2012


May 12 2012



No. 80

In a moment of despair, I conceive of the book as the paper equivalent of a Claude glass, a tool employed by amateur painters in the 18th century. This black mirror, held up to a landscape, reflected back what was then considered a more picturesque view, simplifying the landscape and freeing the less-skilled painter to concentrate on form and perspective. 

In order to use the mirror, the painter was required to stand with his back to the object he wished to see.

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March 27 2012

Cat versus Human:
My cats even groom me when I wake up.
Typical cats.
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February 27 2012

Science + Art = Wonder?
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November 29 2011


November 28 2011

true story. this is exactly what my lecturer says.
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