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March 13 2012

Oncey + the Internet by cartoonjunkie
It's obvious that he'll get most fans on the internet.
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December 29 2011

deviantart love batik indonesia by madarian

September 19 2011

Death Note Yaoi Overload by ~CantateDomino24
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September 16 2011

I remember Den and Kuri drawing matching pictures of themselves (or deviantIDs) for Chile's independence day

And I got jealous that I didnt thought of those previously during Indonesia's independence day, and Putri drew this a few days later

Aw yiss Putri came to the rescue. Eventhough it's not our independence day yet at that time.

August 23 2011

Status Stamps + Plz Accounts by dukeofsweethotness

This'll come in handy for anyone saying art trades are closed, etc.

August 22 2011

Copycontinuations of friends' comics in deviantArt

Iunno, for some reason I liked doing this back in the past. Probably because I suddenly had ideas of what will happen next after the events.

My continuation: Deja Vu much, Frank?

My continuation: Plushie Equals VooDoo Weird

Damn, I screwed up & seemed to make everything lamer... well if not at Count's comic, at least at Putri's comic.

August 02 2011

How To Troll Like An Emo by Tearsofblood321
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July 31 2011

Art Newbie Owl vs Art Student Owl.

Me: never got a Tumblr, not submitting to deviantART & post it Soup instead. REAL ARTIST NOW.

July 16 2011

7556 8763
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June 08 2011


June 05 2011


June 03 2011

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April 29 2011

April 25 2011

This one HAS to be from deviantART. Old skool dA is old skool

April 08 2011


October 07 2010

2nd muro drawing - owls
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