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December 20 2019

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this looks like a wall deco/sticker design for bathroom/kitchen walls
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April 01 2017

turned a pre-sleep thought into flat design
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July 04 2015

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Quote(s) of the week by Minna May

Minna So is a graphic designer, illustrator, and letterer from Seattle, Washington. She also works as a social media marketer and content developer. In 2012 she began working on personal design projects and commissioned work for clients that include Tiffany & Co., Target, Julep, Pinterest, Chronicle Books, Hallmark Cards, and more.

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June 28 2015

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Fadwa Baalbaki spring 2015 couture

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June 22 2015


June 13 2015

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Voodoo Tea by Anne-Marie Leger

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June 11 2015

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Coffee cup that fills in constellations with heat.

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June 06 2015

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May 25 2015

May 16 2015




This is so satisfying to look at

This looks like milk you buy from a videogame merchant.

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May 10 2015


Envious bookmark freebies~ modified from SNFontaholic's Valentines-Day-themed bookmarks

May 06 2015

All 6 of Choc Chugs' flavors (for now)

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Three new Choc Chugs flavors: Orange, Cherry and Blueberry! More fruity tastes to accompany Date Choc Chugs.

Previous Choc Chugs: Honey & Mint

Molome/Tuding/Cymera links: XXXXX XXXXX X

April 30 2015

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snacks / ondesign

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February 22 2015

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Cool and Creative Moby Dick Book Covers (Many thanks to bookporn!)

1. By Umberto Scalabrini

2. By Marko Manev 

3. By Eric He

4. By Patrizia Mastrapasqua

5. By Alexandre Godreau

6. By Василий Студенецкий

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February 15 2015




Things I like about this decal on a restaurant window:
-the insane orange waiter
-that he’s carrying his plates in the air like a strongman
-the couple looks like this isn’t the first time he’s done this, but it’s easier to just let it happen at this point.
-the sign says PASTA as if he’s screaming it like a frankenstein
-but he’s holding a plate of an entire chicken and a plate of wine glasses
-there’s three wine glasses
-one’s for him.

best kind of server

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February 02 2015

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I don’t usually write reviews but this thing is so cool and I think it could help a lot of college students who don’t have tons of money. Its called a beeboard and it’s like a keyboard that you can roll up to travel with and hook up to phones and tablets and stuff. Its soo handy bc I can’t afford a laptop right now but have online classes for school so I can just hook it up to my kindle to write essays instead of using the touch screen keyboard to write 2000 words. And its actually a full sized keyboard instead of the stupid little ones that make you put your fingers rlly close together and make you hit the wrong buttons.

And it comes in a really cool golden moth container like on breaking bad, so that’s a bonus. Tbh it kinda makes me feel like a computer hacker in a movie bc its so slick looking, I feel like I should be coding top secret government files in a hidden underground office somewhere. And its waterproof! Which is good for some people (me) who have broken two keyboards by spilling coffee in them.(oops) 

Aaaaaanndd, they’re 25% off!!! 

To get the sale:

1. Add it to your cart. 
2. Proceed checkout.
3. input claim code “3QPXXCVD” in “Gift cards & promotional codes” and click”apply”.
4. check out and the new price will be there

You can buy them here! 

Even if you don’t need one, reblog it for students who can’t afford a laptop, it’s a lifesaver. 

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January 24 2015




These pumps, crafted by Mexican designer Lucita Abarca, caused quite a stir at a recent Sixth Borough fashion show. These crystalline high-heels were grown by Wyrm’s Pass artisans, deep below the Rocky Mountains, using a mixture of firebird ash, waters from the springs at Paradiso, and a variety of secret ingredients, rumored to include Australian fire opals and powdered moonstone. The result of using the firebird ash become immediately recognizable when the heel of the shoe is dragged backward across any dry surface, as it creates an impressive streak of magical fire which can be accurately aimed with a little effot. Ms. Abarca said she wanted a shoe that made a statement, and that statement was “Any bastardo brujo catcalling me on La Plaza de Sangre better be ready to dose his huevos, you know?” 

Look the shoes to complete my death goddess look

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January 13 2015




Even doorknobs can be improved upon. If a door is locked it should not be available to even try and open.

No, you may not enter my room.

This doorknob says you’re not even allowed to try.

this is my answer to privacy now

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December 04 2014

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