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April 11 2015






Confined by JoshuaDunlop 

It’s a good thing mermaids aren’t real…

People keeping an intelligent non-human species trapped in a concrete tank? Completely disregarding who they are as individuals, for entertainment that is poorly disguised as “education” and “conservation”? 

Wait, this sounds eerily familiar…


The history of orcas in captivity is horrifying. If you’re not familiar with it, look up information about the Penn Cove captures, or the story of Hugo and Lolita. Whales have sunk into depression, died of disease in badly-maintained or undersized tanks, and suicided by bashing their heads repeatedly against the walls. The whole practice needs to stop, for good.

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January 22 2015


a cup of irrational envy / TEApression

"Instead of constantly wishing what others have that you don’t, try being happy with what you already have" - basically everyone in my life

before | WIPafter

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October 12 2014

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You’re allowed to be sad, but please don’t think that nobody loves you.

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October 07 2014

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You would be surprised with how many people in your life could be going through depression at this very moment.  People hide it like a paper bag over their heads out of fear of being judged, made fun of, seen as weak, or just not taken seriously.  Depression should not be taken lightly, it holds us down from our purpose and potential in life.  Those who tell you that it doesn’t exist have never experienced depression in their life, therefore not understanding the symptoms and how it’s something that cannot be fixed in a day!  So if you think you are depressed or if you think you know someone else who is, please talk to a friend, a family member, or anyone else in your life that you trust - never overlook the possibility of seeing a doctor for more professional help!!  Your feelings are real, your feelings are shared upon millions.  Don’t hide it, talk to someone about it.  With the right help, you can rediscover your confidence and begin life anew with our undying love and support!

We are right here!!

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September 26 2014


September 18 2014

September 08 2014

August 20 2014


February 14 2014

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Tobuscus - “Depressing Song” (“Say Something” Parody)

I love the original, but this parody is hilarious.

oh man Tobuscus you;ve done it again I lol'd so hard cuz actually like the original song and tHIS PARODY

oh and Rhett & Link, Jenna Marbles, Steve Kardynal & Harley Morenstein cameos

reminds me of Dramatic Song though

January 13 2014


Conceal, don’t feel. Don’t let them know.

"[With Elsa, it] definitely was intentional to show anxiety and depression." - JENNIFER LEE (x)


Like yes, I agree with the major criticisms going around tumblr re: racism and heteronormativity and not enough major female characters YES, they’re all valid points.  I just don’t understand the bloodlust towards Frozen more than, say, Tangled.  These issues aren’t unique to this movie; they’re widespread societal problems and that leaks into our media.  It can still be a good/enjoyable movie.  I see you SJWers enjoying Aladdin at the same time and that shit’s racist as hell.  Just because something has problematic elements doesn’t make it bad.

BUT THIS CHARACTER IS SO FUCKING IMPORTANT.  Because little girls are obsessed with her, they’re latching on to her.  Little girls love Elsa.  And she’s a Disney Princess with major neuroses.  (I know this is Anna’s story but Elsa’s more popular.)  And it shows a main female character with major anxiety and depression issues, and it shows her as a powerful, strong, loving person around those issues, and it shows her as an incredibly positive character. 

A lot of people are saying that the story would’ve been better if Elsa’d been the antagonist, and she wasoriginally intended to be until that changed in development.  And you know what, it’s for the best because she’s a protagonist with mental issues.  It’s easy and common to give those to a villain.  Villains are twisted and they hurt people because they’re not Good People.  Disney Princesses might not be perfectbut they’re damn close to it and their faults are charming and cute and not crippling.  Elsa’s issues and her failure to deal with them are crippling.

So many teens and adults have identified with her issues, and seeing them portrayed in a positive and beloved character is so fucking important, because children see that not just scary weirdos have mental issues.  Elsa hurts people because of her issues.  She doesn’t mean to but she hurts her parents and sister and kingdom and strangers, emotionally and physically.  And she’s a Good Guy.  Not only is she a Good Guy, she’s a Disney Princess.  They’re not supposed to hurt people — except oh maybe hurt feelings because they were following their dreams or something saccharine like that.

And she makes a series of bad choices, selfish choices, because she can’t deal with her issues.  Just like real people.  She’s not a bad person because she makes bad choices stemming from her neuroses.  Little kids see someone who’s awesome! with anxiety and depression and they see that she’s more than just her issues, and she’s deserving of love

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November 27 2013


November 12 2013

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This was an art project for school, the assignment being to do a piece on some social injustice. As a person who has been, is, and likely will be depressed in the future, I feel a strong shame when the topic of depression is brought up in a social setting, as if my struggle is some kind of a disease. The way depression is talked about is, for some reason, separate from the way physical injuries are discussed. My pain and injury is no less than that of someone with physical evidence that there is something wrong, which is absolute bullcrap. 

Anyway, I hope you like the comic. /end of rant. 

Holy shit Hannah.

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August 21 2013




cows are no different than us after all
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August 11 2013





By Christian Hopkins, this very talented young photographer uses his photography as a true artistic outlet to help with his depression. The whole set of images are just stunning and really draw you in, a perfect example of how art can help a person having a difficult time to express themselves. 

This is too fucking real

The second to last one is the absolute most accurate thing in all my life. So so so SO accurate.
[ For my anxiety, that is. I’m not depressed.]

Source: mymodernmet.com

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June 30 2013


March 31 2013

©Alisa VAl
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March 26 2013

ANgry Birds make Single People Sad - Infographic

January 22 2013

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Post-Heartbreak Yaoi.
I'm always kind of bugged when I see other girls being over-depressed finding out that their crush is gay... when they can just do THIS. Optimism FTW.
(Okay lol it might break some girls' hearts but some are just fine with it)
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January 05 2013

Studies Show:
Intelligent girls are more depressed 
Because they know what the world is really like
Don’t think for a beat it makes it better
When you sit her down and tell her
Everything’s gonna be alright
She knows in society she is either
A devil or an angel with no inbetween
She speak in third person
So she can forget that she’s me.

Emilie Autumn - Opheliac (via Heyitssami)
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December 05 2012

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