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August 31 2011

Rescuing Mikey from Death Gay Valley

Gerard Way: Has anyone seen Mikey? Hope he doesn't chat with some gays on winksite again. Or was it twinksite?

Amel the Strange: He went that way… he's got many gay friends, y'see, and it's really not that bad, they're cool peop-


Amel: It doesn't work that way, man. Besides, he's been chatting with this gay friend of his named… uh.. Mark if I'm not mistaken

Gerard: *grabs red lightsaber outta nowhere* touch Mark's dingdong and I'll kill you, brother.

R2: My friend's name is Mark too.

Amel: Well too bad. Newsflash, your brother's already dead. Some jealous gays killed him for being buddy-buddies with Mark. Turns out Mark was their favorite.

Gerard: [speechless]… *hugs R2 for only one reason* DON'T. Say anything. *sniffle* I just wanna go to his fUNERAL T~T

Amel: Funeral? We didn't know there's gonna be a-

R2: I'm sad too, Gee, Mikey'll never make me a deviantART subscriber…

Frank Iero: C'mon, Gee, we're late. All of us are going to Mikey's funeral and gOSH DAMN IT dry your eyes before someone sees you!

R2: He's been raining black eyeliner all over my shirt cuz Mikey died.


Amel: Hey, aren't Ray and Bob supposed to be with you guys?

Frank: Right behind me

Ray Toro & Bob Bryar: Sorry we're late guys

Amel: C'mon we gotta rescue Mikey from those fierce-ass gays! I'll call Torny to give us a ride.

*whistles* Hey TORNY! Come here, boy! HIYAHHH!!

Ray: Who's Torny?

Bob: Is he a giant cat?


Amel: Nope, not a cat, he's a giant BAT though.

[Torny lands next to them]

Amel: There you are, good boy. Take all of us to Death Gay Valley! GO TORNY!

Ray: Wait, did she say "gay" or "Ray"?

Amel: I said 'GAY', deaf frohead.

Gerard: Ohhh I thought you said "Way" that's my name LOLOLOL

Anel: Fine, I'm just gonna go myself without you blokes *flies off anyway with them, leaving Gerard hanging on one of Torny's foot*

Frank: MAMAAAAAA *afraid of heights*



Amel the Strange: Ok Frank, show us the way!

Frank Iero: Ok let's go now!

Gerard way: What a ride!

Frank: ummm… ACK! I'm gonna puke, Strange!

R2 & Bob Bryar: Puke right there, man! Maybe dogs puke often…

Frank: Cats are more disgusting, they puke HAIRBALL!

Amel: Okay Frank you can wait for us here…

Frank: Ok I'm gonna pike on here… *BAAAAAARF* GET LOST, HAIRBALLS!!

Bob: Well FUCK YOU Frank, YOU'RE the one puking here!

R2: AND, cats are cute!

Bob: Yeah, what she says!

Gerard: HEY! Are we going to Mikey's funeral or not?!

[Mikey's voice from afar: …I t0ld you I aint deeeeeead!~]


Look, I only hugged you just now cuz I'm happy about my brother's wellbeing. I'll choke you later, ok?!

Frank: Xb!!! Ok I'll wait for you guys here just go straight to the red light thingy, that's where he is…

Amel: I can see, on my mind… about something stupid being done to Mikey right now

Gerard: What is it?

Amel: Some gays happened to be choking him.

Gerard: WHAT THE?!- *flew away and left Frank alone*


Gerard: Ray your FRO is covering your face!

Ray: Eheheh I knew that.

R2: Hahaha ha ha Ray the AFRO KING!

Bob: Better yet, Lord of the Fros!

Amel: Would you two cats stop joking?

Gerard: I'd say Ray is Doctor Broccoli.

R2 & Bob: Good one Gee!

R2: Wait a minute Amel… I thought you were a cat!

Amel: What, me? Nah, look at me. I'm an owl. Owls and their big sunshine-phobic eyes which only open at night, like my nocturnal eyes. Also, I like slothnapping in the afternoons. And I'm a little bit allergic to cats.

[Meanwhile with Frank]

Frank: ACK! Ewww I'm disgusting LOOK AT ME! I'm never, never, EVER gonna soar or fly with that THING. EVER. AGAIN. I always get planesick!

[suddenly he hears a rustling voice]

Frank: Gerard…? Gerard is that you?

[all of a sudden Torny swoops down next to Frank and goes up again]

Gerard: *from afar* BOO! Yeah it's me 

Frank: Gee… I think I'm airsick… BWLEEEEEEGHHHHH *barfs again*


R2: I don't get airsick or seasick, I get carsick at times though

Gerard: Then who got seasick in this team?

Ray: *raised his hand* if Mikey were here he'd raise his hand too.


Frank: Gee, c'mon, come out wherever you are… this isn't funny, just come out already!

[suddenly Frank heard a loud roaring]

Frank: GERARD WTF?! This is REALLY not funny!!


Frank: Wait… you're not Gerard… or Ray or Bob…

[roar gets louder]



Amel: Hey Gee, didja say "stop the ride, there's King Kong" just now?

Gerard: Umm… no, I didn't say anything.

Amel: This place is weird… I like it!

R2: *screams out* MOOOOLEEEEEEE

Bob: *joins screaming* MOOOOOLEEEEEE

Gerard: Since when did Bob and Mother Copycat got so close?

Amel: Since they're both cats.


Frank: [from a distance] GUUUUUYS! WAIT FOR MEEEE…

Gerard: …was that Frank?


Amel: My gosh, it IS Frank!

Frank: ngehhh ngehhh *went nuts & grabs a makeshift bow & arrow and shot Torny on his leg, making the giant bat fall down*

Amel: TORNY!! *hugs Torny's big head* are you okay? ;--;

Gerard: ohhh ow my head… it feels like… I'm spinning… it's spinning…

R2 & Bob: Ow my insertlimbhere…

Frank: *huff huff* hey sorry guys, I spun my Yin-Yang brooch and the white side sorta spun to the left while the black one went right… and it kinda made the King Kong disappear for some reason


R2: Who's hurt? Torny or the King Kong?

Amel: Of course Torny, you idiot! And it's all thanks to FRANK AND HIS DUMB ARROW. *pretended to cry* It's all your fault Frank T~T

R2: Ah, Torny was a warrior like you and me, until he took an arrow to the knee.

Frank: I'm so, soooo sorry for this, please don't cry. Please.

Gerard: *chanting* Frank's fault! Frank's fault! Franks fault! and now we all CANT GO GET MY BROTHER FROM THE DEATH GAY VALLEY >:[

Frank: -__- *eyes starting to water* Q^Q

R2: You're next, Frank.

Frank: next what?

Bob: I smell a new crybaby in town…

Frank: You think I was crying? Come on, just because I'm the youngest of the band-

R2: alright, let's talk about something else. Remember that time one of Bob's cats broke your dog's legs…

Frank: dAMMIT DONT REMIND ME OF THAT *hugs R2 and was sobbing louder*

R2: man, now my other shirt's wet

Amel: *still crying* I HATE YOU FRANK! *runs off to Death Gay Valley alone with Torny*

Frank: T~T I never been hated before…


Amel: *chants incantation* Beyond the seven owls, please turn Torny back to his original size

[Torny then becomes normal-bat-sized, and Amel carried him on her hand, still feeling mad at Frank for shooting the little bat. Meanwhile Frank continues to cry and hug R2 tightly, ashamed]

R2: There there, Frankie baby.

Amel: TRAITOR! You were supposed to be on MY side! *continues licking Torny's blood

Gerard: Hahahahahah what crybabies >:P

Bob: Oh don't be so obnoxious Gee, YOU were sobbing yourself back then thinking about dead Mikey!

Gerard : eheh heh *blush* it's a matter of life and death, it's different!

Bob: Well her pet bat died and that's the same thing, ya dingus.

Amel: Well at least I didn't ugly-cry while SCREAMING unlike you, Gerard!


[someone named Fatin appeared and boy was she random as hell]

Fatin: Did anyone say BABY?!

R2: Nevermind, I'm the one who's gonna pay for all this. Gonna get all of this off Frank and poor Torny.

Gerard: Let ME pay, peasant. We're from My Chemical Romance, we got each other's backs, and we're obviously RICH.

R2: lol

Frank: Thanks guys, for saving my butt. *hugs Gerard and wipes his tears & snot on him instead*

Amel: No. I want FRANK to pay for what he's done to Torny! And if he's not gonna pay, I'll take REVENGE on him… yeeess that's it, I'm gonna kill your PUPPIES!!

Frank: NOOO ESPECIALLY NOT PEPPERS! She's too adorable to die!

Fatin: Let's washy-washy!

R2: Dude stop being random. On second though, continue being random.


[suddenly The Miraculous Guts appeared, cuz they just happened to pass by]

Blade Johnson: What's join' on?

Erika Helstorm/Blackwar(?): Oh no Blade, not you.

Amel: REVEEEENGE! I can smell revenge… come to me my lovelies *brings her two cats Spooky & Blackforest*

Spooky: purrrr

Blackforest: NGEEEOWWWW *scratches Frank's face*


R2: Dammit it's Blade and Eri, who invited them here? And holy JEEZ is that Emily the Strange?! With her cats Sabbath and Mystery?!

[Mystery and Sabbath joins in Blackforest & Spooky attacking Frank]

Frank: FAAAAAAAAAHHHKKKK~ Dang it you really have a way of sUMMONING UNEXPECTED PEOPLE!!

Amel: I didn't do it alone. All thanks to Blade, of course if he only bring Pete Wentz along that'd make it easier. *goes back to watching cats attacking Frank* YEAH KITTIES! SCRATCH HIS EYES OFF THEIR SOCKETS!

R2: Nuuuuu! SCRATCH ME INSTEAD! Don't hurt poor Frankie any further!

Fatin: Kitties! Make him cry blood!

Blade: Hey Eri, I'm horny yo… mind if you take your pants off?

Eri: *slaps Blade*

Bob: Scratch me too! Both of us are cat people!

R2: Y'know Bob, last night I had a dream where you ended up crying while being scolded by someone fat… I think it was a fat lady, and she's probably a lifeguard

Bob: Sheesh…

[Amel goes & retrieve her cats]

Amel: Good work, guys *strokes Spooky & Blackforest's chins]

Fatin: Torny's hurt? How did this happen?

Amel: *points at Frank* THAT guy made my pet bat take an arrow to the knee!

Fatin: Bodoi…

R2: HEY! Frank said he was sorry, remember?!

[Pete Wentz suddenly arrives with a daze]

Pete: Anyone looking for me? I was about to grab an alternative meal for Andy in that vegan restaurant over there cuz he doesn't wanna eat my roast beef

R2: Oh thank God. Pete, you gotta take us to Death Gay Valley, y'see, Mikey got killed by some gays just cuz he befriended one gay guy from their colony and we gotta save him. ALL of us!

Pete: Whoa whoa whoa slow it. I'm a tooth fairy, not some kind of fairy godparent.

Gerard: You look more like a fairly odd parent.

Pete: Ugh oh well.. toothfairy magic, here we go *teleports all to Death Gay Valley*


Amel: Never in a milion years! Hmph!

Frank: Please, you gotta forgive me ;_; never had my cute face been resisted by someone!

Amel: Umm… *thinking*

Blade: Pete you gotta help me man, I want you to secretly steal Eri's lucky boxers. I know she's wearing it this morning

Eri: Huh!

Amel: C'mon, not pants-down again!

Frank: Take of HIS pants instead!

Amel: *turns to Frank* ARE YOU CRAZY?!

Frank: Hell yeah, I'm doing this for you so you can forgive me!

Amel: ….

Fatin: I just remembered, today is Mama Pink's birthday and we didn't get anything for her! Y'know Mama Pink, leader of the Pink Parade?

R2: I think you're the only Pink Parader in here… oh wait, that reminds me! Linkin Park has a new album out today, called Minutes to Midnight!

Gerard: Really? Gotta check them out, when was the last time we toured with them? They'd better have a tour with MCR AND Fall Out Boy soon… okay Pete, help us get Mikey now and both our bands will crash LP's dwellings to get their album stock ambushed and get their first signatures.

[from a distance, Mikey cried out "SOMEBODY HELP MEEEEE"]

Pete: *hears Mikey's cry of help* dude… it's your brother, he's close!

Amel: MIKEEEEY! Oh no, they're gonna put him in the Carousel of Peace!

Gerard: What's the Carousel of Peace?

Amel: It's a lake that spins like a downwards tornado, if he gets chuck in there he''ll be put in a place no one has ever gone before, and we all know that Mikey's HYDROPHOBIC.

Frank: Hey uh.. so… you gonna forgive me or what?

Amel: Later, I'm still worried about Mikey

Frank: Aw come on… stop thinking about him, think about my junk instead!

Amel: GEEZ FRANK will you STOP being so emo? Mikey's in danger!

Frank: Whatever… *hugs R2* I know she will forgive me eventually

R2: And I've got just the plan! Pete, you lead Blade Eri and Fatin and create distractions. Emily, Amel, Bob and the cats, you guys make a human + cat chain to pull Mikey outta there. Frank, Gerard and I will get the MCRchopper, ok?

Everyone: LET'S DO THIS!!


Blade: Eri, I think you should take your clothes off!

Pete: Heheh yeah, take them all off, underwear too.

Blade: Pretty sure these guys are gonna get distracted seeing your sexy bod!

Eri: You boys dumber than a shoe or something? These guys are GAY! If anything, YOU two should strip naked, RIGHT NOW! And swing your dicks while you're at it!

[one gay guy spotted the four]

Gay #1: Hey, who are you intruders and what are you doing here?

Eri: *gasp* one of them found us! HIYAAAA *karate-kicks the gay guy & he fainted*

[more topless hunky gays approaching them. apparently, they're the guards]

Fatin:  I can do this.. I KNOW TAE KWON DO! *grabs a bamboo pole* HIYAH!

Eri: Sweet, Fatin's done it!

[Eri and Fatin tackled one half side of the gay army while Blade and Pete busted the other half]

[meanwhile, with the human + cat rope]

Bob: Awww why can't I be closer to the cats?

Emily & Amel: Cuz they're OUR cats. You go last in line!

Mikey: Would ya guys STOP BICKERING?! I'm DROWNING down here!! h hey, there's Gee, Frank and R2 with our chopper. The MCR CHOPPER!!



Gay #2: Hey! You with the black and purple!

Amel:  What?

Gay#2: Nice shoes btw they match your hair clip… d'ah I mean WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?

Amel: Saving private Mikey, and kicking enemies! HIYAH!! *kicks the gay, making him pass out & plummeting him into the Carousel of Peace*

Amel: MIKEEEEEY take my haaaaand!!

Mikey: Uh… okay…

Bob: You can't reach him! Use yer necklace. Give the edge to Mikey and safely bring him to the ground!

Amel: God where's my charm?

*a gay guard fell down in front of them*

Fain & Eri: We cool, huh?

Amel: Yep, you guys rock! All 4 of ya!


[Mikey ended up successfully rescued. All of them got in the MCR chopper and flew to Emily's house of Strange]

[Go to part 2]
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