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July 25 2017

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In the early years of space flight, both Russians and Americans used pencils in space. Unfortunately, pencil lead is made of graphite, a highly conductive material. Snapped graphite leads and particles in zero gravity are hugely problematic, as they will get sucked into the air ventilation or electronic equipment, easily causing shorts or fires in the pure oxygen environment of a capsule.

After the fire in Apollo 1 which killed all the astronauts on board, NASA required a writing instrument that wasn’t a fire hazard. Fisher spent over a million dollars (of his own money) creating a pressurized ball point pen, which NASA bought at $2.95 each. The Russian space program also switched over from pencils shortly after.

40 years later snide morons on the internet still snigger about it, because snide morons on the internet never know what they are talking about.


this was discussed in 3 Idiots. Virus revealed to Rancho why bringing a pencil to space can be dangerous & why the space pen is needed.
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April 08 2013

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Internet Safety - Newsround Caught In The Web (9 Feb 2010)
Lostprincess's avatar made her look like Hit Girl. And oh David Tennant. DAT ACENT.
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July 22 2012



Tracie Andrews

(via valetudo)
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December 02 2011

happy birthday danger days by nezumi-zumi

October 16 2011

The Shark and The Gazelle by Nyssa-89
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October 10 2011



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I wouldn´t find this out without this article. To understand, you have to read a part of it. Quote:

“All you had to do was hit the rotating number sequence in the right order to reveal the code “017602783136″ Or maybe I should type it like this… 1 760 278 3136”

 If I was at home and not in the USA, I´d never figure that out but now I understood. It is a PHONE NUMBER. I googled that “760” is for California (oh, what a surprise, right?). For a while I was wodering if I should call there. I did.

 The whole record you can hear after you call the number has like “bad signal” and my English is not probably good enough to understand everything it says. It sounds like classic transmission from year 2019 and sometimes you can hear word Draculoid. That´s what made me continue and listen to all of it. At the end of the record is Morse.

 After this ↑ I realized that EVERYTHING in Killjoy world has the hidden meaning so I googled Morse alphabet and started to translate. After maybe 30 minutes I got this:

…  ….  .  ..  …  …  ._  .._.  .  ._  ._  ._ or i should say

S H E I S S A F E A A A or maybe


EDIT: vocaldestruction says, “AAA” is code for “STOP”… -> something like “END”. And I think “she is safe” is about the little girl in killjoy videos (little Grace)

 People.. THIS is mindfuck… Oh how I missed it :D Reblog this so all Killjoys know that.

If anyone wants to hear the record from the number and doesn´t want to call to California I recorded it and posted on the Internet.

 All you need to do is go -> HERE <-, click on yellow “Stiahnuť”, rewrite code and click on yellow “Stahnuť” again.

 If you want to heard it on tumblr, click -> HERE <-

 And also on youtube -> HERE <- (by muzicrox17)

 If it doesn´t work, let me know. Saxana

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August 28 2011


July 05 2011


May 02 2011

April 25 2011

How do we know which sign is telling the truth?
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October 29 2010

random profile pic is random

October 25 2010

Possible Killjoy Character?
Again i drew this when I was bored n procrastinating.He/she doesnt have a gender and name yet (yeah, looks like a boy n a girl at the same time) 
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