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January 07 2014

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History Meme -5/10 Moments - The Cuban Missile Crisis

From October 14th to the 28th in 1962, the world sat at the brink of a nuclear war. When the small island of Cuba became allies with the infamous Soviet Union, the United States took it personally. The world watched as the two world powers drew lines and waited for the cargo ship to cross it. On October 22nd, President Kennedy addressed the nation of the events happening only 90 miles off the coast of Florida.

The Cuban-American relations had been strained ever since the Bay of Pigs invasion in spring of 1961. After the failed coup, the Cuban government became more and more dependent on Soviets, both military-wise and economically. The tensions of the Cold War grew even more strained as the months passed.

On October 14th, a US spy plane had photographed a missile being assembled for installation. By the 16th, the president of the United States was briefing ExCom and other officials over the diplomatic crisis, as were the Soviet leaders. When the United States found out about the installment of nuclear missiles in Cuba, it was time to act.

The stand off ended when the United States agreed to take out the missiles previously placed in Turkey.

This, by far, was the gravest time in world history when the fate of the entire planet was laid on a line drawn on a map.[x]

November 03 2012

The mainstream media is all controlled by large corporations. Don't be blind, they all lie. Fox and CNN are equally as bad.
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