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August 27 2014

July 28 2013

Me. All the time. 
& the guys be like "yo, eyes up here"
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December 06 2012

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Mmmmhm... dem butts & crotches & asses & schlongs. Lol Professor X's "I am a Wheelchair"
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May 19 2012


March 29 2012


November 04 2011


August 07 2011


June 14 2011


Idea: Celebrate Your Crotch


Le Crotch is a fashion brand that celebrates sexiness of pubic hair.

While nowadays mainstraem fashion dictates that you have to hide this part of human anatomy, Le Crotch goes against the common views and instead makes it a highlight - by attaching specially designed triangular furry patches over its clothes. (the texture, shape and colour vary)

it's bold and certainly not for everyone ;)

April 17 2011

Damn, Wolverine.
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April 05 2011

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What didja see now?
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