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January 10 2015





Inspired by a recent experience I had with someone stealing my art and cropping out my URL.
Dedicated to every artist who has had their art work stolen.

This is around the third comic I’ve seen with the same exact premise and comparisons and everything.

Good. It’s an important problem. I want this comic to be made 500,000 times until people stop fucking reposting and intentionally editing people’s work to take away credit.

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August 06 2014

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So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish.
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July 07 2013


December 14 2011


I cringe every time I see this quote along with Galileo’s name or picture accompanied by it with a gajillion notes.

As much as I love Galileo and the work he did put out, these are not his words. This line is an excerpt from “The Old Astronomer”, or “The Old Astronomer to His Pupil” written solely by poet Sarah Williams (1837–1868).

I love poems as much as the next person, even more so when it expresses the night and stars so creatively, but there’s already enough wrongfully cited publishing done by women attributed to the men of history.. Let’s at the very least give her credit for what she did and quit dedicating artwork, doodles, T-shirts, paintings towards the wrong person.

(Source: signmysignature, via the-star-stuff)

November 22 2011


June 18 2011

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Always credit the original source everytime you repost things.
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