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October 23 2014


October 15 2014


July 14 2013



this was the part where i started to realize something waswrong with this video

jesus christ 

Meaing of the video:

"1.) Right before the notebook puppet told the other puppets to write “creative colors" she showed them a board with a wheel of colors; green wasn’t on that board, and when one of the puppets wanted to use green, the notebook puppet IMMEDIATELY said “No, Green is NOT a creative color."

2.) When the notebook puppet told the others to look out the window and look “creatively," they couldn’t see anything. THEN the notebook puppet put some monocles over HER OWN ONE EYE, and everyone could suddenly “see" what the notebook wanted them to see, through the perspective of the notebook and her one eye.

3.) When one of the puppets actually created something really nice and ORIGINAL and creative—the picture of the clown—the notebook puppet had black ink smeared on the picture to obliterate it.

4.) When things truly got scary, the facade melted away, the kitchen with the tables and the puppets were zoomed out and you could see a hollywood movie set encompassing the kitchen, indicating this is all manufactured by hollywood…ie the indoctrinating media.

5.) Then, as you can see, the puppets started eating the brains and the heart, telling you that the children’s creativity and emotions are being taken by the media, “gobbled up." Basically, the message is supposed to be tragically ironic, because the light-hearted facade hides the sinister plot; on the outside, it looks like they’re encouraging children to be “creative," so the mood, songs, and atmosphere is innocent and childlike…but the makers of this sketch are trying to tell you that there’s something HIDDEN beneath the friendly facade, a dark, evil purpose, which is why the innocence melts away and all you get is puppets eating brains and hearts and the music turns dark. Even your emotions are manipulated; you feel light-hearted at first, and then you feel fear as the evil is exposed underneath the light. THIS is the nature of children’s cartoons; the dark beneath the light.

Don’t you see? This is the perfect metaphor for how our children are being conditioned by cartoons and children’s shows to think a certain way, view things a certain way, AND EVEN OUR EDUCATION IS INDOCTRINATED IN A CERTAIN WAY. The elite create shows to “teach" children to be creative, but in actuality, they’re teaching our children to be…puppets." - Source

(Source: bubblegumbea)
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May 20 2013

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Flick Through a completed Wreck this Journal

Dang it I've always wanted to buy this book. Then again I could've just make something like this with a regular book. Put some pretty patterns & destroy some pages.
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March 17 2013

The best remedy for any negativity, comparison, jealousy or envy is just to get creative. Write your next blog. Paint your next picture. Play guitar. Do something that makes you proactive. Get out of the reactivity. Creativity is a powerful place. And it shifts everything.
— Christine Kane (Jealousy and Envy: How to Deal and Heal)

February 07 2013


October 06 2012


September 27 2012

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13 Desktop Wallpapers to Kickstart your Creativity - Behance
(via 99u)
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December 10 2011


October 09 2011

What I've learnt from Creativity Now by Jurgen Wolff

- The usual tips, like write down all the dream you could remember after waking up, take naps & relax, exercise, listen to music when you're in the mood, make a personal space, etc.
- It's ok to pretend you're busy in front of your peers to buy some time to think. Make up pointless activities that make you sit down & ponder, cuz telling them you have nothing to do will just take away your precious thinking time.
- Getting in touch with your inner child increases creativity confidence, and sometimes we gotta play to do that. Play & draw as if we're children again.
- "Reconnecting Your Hand And Your Brain Stimulates Creativity" it's better to write down or draw information on paper rather than texting them on your phone or computer.
- It's also ok to absorb a lot of facts all at once and then forget all about them a moment later. Pretty soon they'll pop up your head again in random times.

- Dont be afraid to try & develop someone else's ideas, or imagine what their solutions might be when faced with a certain problem
- Write a list of random words, or draw a bunch of random pictures. Find ways to connect/associate each word/picture with the problem you're facing as an exercise.
- Every random idea has potential. Don't judge & discard the bad ones yet, but try to develop more from it & eventually fix the flaws or find the good in them.
- Make variations for everything. Dont stick to a specific target audience. Change the spectrum & imagine how your ideas will attract/relate to them. Also, sometimes it helps to ask a group of people who are clueless about the topic you're going for.
- When it comes to collaboration, the more different the collaborators are, the more awesome their work's gonna be. Collaborators from the same field might produce a more monotonous collab work due to their fields being too similar, & sometimes what people need is to see/hear a combination of several different genres.
- Orientating in a sense of taking other people's ideas (not fully cuz we dont wanna be blatantly copying them) and fitting them in our work.
- Before presenting something that might set goosebumps or a certain deep feeling among your audience, try setting those feelings within yourself, think of things that can set deep emotions inside you.
- Fundraising (think Kickstarter/Indiegogo) not only gives you early supplies of money for your mission, it also shows how much your actual fans are, & how much optimistic/generous people are actually willing to back this project.

This section is pretty much examples & life stories of a few successful people & how they used the advices from the previous 3 parts & adapt them into their own situations & succeed. Like, trying to serve the ones who aren’t served or felt excluded by a competing service. Like actually showing samples of your work to show people what you can do instead of telling them. Like not being afraid to ask others to collaborate or ask them for resources. Like holding contests so a handful amount of people would compete & create ideas for your own solutions. Like doing the opposite or alternative cuz mainstream ways don’t stick the message in people’s heads.
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