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June 21 2012


April 26 2012

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Global tea etiquette
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April 14 2012

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April 08 2012

When Ridiculously Photogenic Guy met Hetalia
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March 27 2012

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As always, epic German.

March 10 2012

Staying calm no matter what speed? Welcome to Germany.
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March 07 2012


February 17 2012


February 08 2012




in order: Russia winter uniform (not modern?), American Marines, Household Cavalry, North Korean winter uniform, National Guard Unit of Bulgaria, Warrent officers of Bermuda regiment, Israli Sea Corps, Japanese Honor Guards.

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December 19 2011


December 05 2011


December 04 2011

Trufax cuz I like Hetalia for the comedy & slight history lessons, NOT THE PORN.

November 28 2011


November 01 2011

FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUU in different languages
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September 18 2011

As usual this dream is divided into 2-3 storylines, each progressing alternatingly.

One dream goes like I was watching two sinetrons all at once on the tv. Don't know why, cuz I usually hate watching drama, but for some reason, it got me interested cuz one sinetron has a "red aura" and another one has a "blue aura", and both of them are sort of connected in a way. The characters and storyline are all connected. The red aura sinetron is dark, deep, angsty and romantic with lots of violence and betrayal, and the blue aura sinetron has a chill & more calmer tone, and hilariously comedic.

The other story of this dream went like, the family and I flew to a bunch of European countries where we eat fruits from different gardens & collect a bunch of different seeds, and then fly back to Indonsia and try to plant these seeds in our backyard as much as possible, enriching the plants' variation in the country. Somehow I got quite famous with the neighborhood's kids, and one of them has a huge garden in their backyard so we planted the seeds of the European fruits there instead.
The weird thing is, after a just day of planting them, the next day the plants shoot up in bushes, already bearing bunches of fruits. All of us made this a mission to spreading these fruits across the world, so we flew to different places, found different gardens and replanted these seeds, then took other fruits and planted their seeds back home & somewhere else. Who knows how we could afford all the flight tickets. We're probably paid to spread the seeds all around the world.

And a sort of blurry third storyline depicts cartoon characters traveling in different dimensions, on a spaceship, ending up in unlucky places & being attacked by monsters and such. They sorta resemble the planeteers from Captain Planet, and maybe their storyline has something to do with the second storyline.

September 16 2011

I remember Den and Kuri drawing matching pictures of themselves (or deviantIDs) for Chile's independence day

And I got jealous that I didnt thought of those previously during Indonesia's independence day, and Putri drew this a few days later

Aw yiss Putri came to the rescue. Eventhough it's not our independence day yet at that time.

April 08 2011

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The Angry Traveler's Guide to Obscene Gestures
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April 01 2011

The World in Words
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March 28 2011

March 18 2011

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