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May 24 2015

Things French parents say to their kids


When we forget to turn off a light:
C’est pas Versailles ici !
Hey, we’re not in Versailles !

When we stand between them and something they want to see:
Et ton père, il est vitrier ?
Is your father a glazier?


When you are hungry but the dinner is not ready yet

Ben mange ta main et garde l’autre pour demain !
Well, eat your hand and save the other one for tomorrow !


What’s for dinner ?
Des caillous.

When you lie too obviously :
Et mon cul c’est du poulet.
And my ass is made of chicken.


When you are in a bad mood :
Mange des carottes, ça rend aimable.
Eat some carrots, you’ll be nicer

When you are throwing a tantrum :
Pleure un coup, tu pisseras moins.
Go on and cry, you’ll piss less.


And the world wonders why we are so sassy.






welcome to the French language where tantôt means “earlier” AND “later”

And where tiédir means “to cool off” and “to warm up”

also when I found out  that tout à l'heure can mean both ‘a moment ago’ and ‘in a moment’. 

I’d add that tantôt and tout à l’heure are pretty synonyms? but Belgian people use tantôt all the time whereas the French use tout à l’heure (it’s not 100% acurate but it reflects my French language experience so far haha)

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October 27 2014

October 12 2014

Commonly confused words 22


Every day - adv. Each day, daily, regularly. I change my shirt every day so I always look clean.

Everyday - adj. Ordinary, normal, common, regular. This is an everyday shirt, not one of the good ones I wear to church.

[img from here]

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May 27 2014


August 26 2012

Am I cursed? Who am I? by VincentChan

August 11 2012

"Mommy, is that a girl or a boy?” Day made.
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