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December 14 2011



Razia’s Shadow came onto my MP3, and Ive been in the mood since.

(..Wait, who is that behind Pallis?! Ive never scene him before.)

That’s Sangara’s first design before the illustrator changed him into the more ‘butcher-like’ version. :)

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November 04 2011

October 27 2011


September 30 2011


September 14 2011

Pokemon vs Dragon Ball Z. Coincidence?

September 05 2011


August 18 2011

The future of the book (c) IDEO
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August 17 2011


August 12 2011

Funny Mac Mini prototype.
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January 30 2011

Submitted: Sony Bracelet Computer Concept (Wear a computer on your wrist) | Wholly's Blog

Ever thought about wearing a computer around your wrist? Marked for the year 2020, designer Hiromi Kiriki designs this Sony Bracelet Computer concept made to...
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