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April 27 2019

Nothing says "dressed to kill" like combining dapper suits with bright animatronic cartoonish masks
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007 🎻 The White Violin 🎻 Vanya

I don't get why some people hate her tbh (well to each their own) but she's always been one of my favorites from the start. Idk I could be drawn to her use of music to channel her powers, or, like most people, her frustration of being lied to for not having powers from the start & realizing she's the most powerful one of them all.
Tbh I prefer her short hair in the comics, but hey, TV Vanya has a suit, and she looks dapper af.
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00.06 🐙 The Horror 🐙 Ben

When i was linearting this it was pretty exciting but then i forgot about not exactly knowing the color of his 🅱️entacles, looking at other people's fanart doesn't do justice cuz the colors are all inconsistent, so i went with whatever & tried masking the horror (no pun intended) with layers of multiply & overlay. Soooo thats actually not blood.
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00.05 ☕ The Boy ☕ Five

And the award for the least changes made goes to... old man-boy time teleporter right here who puts the "sass" in "assassin". He sits right up there with ouija boi, knife boi & bentacle boi being mostly everyone's favorite characters.
All that sass, coffee & murderous intentions & determination to save the world, surpressed in one small body. Can you even imagine. 
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00.04 👻 The Séance 👻 Klaus

Everyone's favorite comic relief junkie bby! Iconic outfits, iconic lines, and all that trauma he went through he just sorta gives off that vibe that makes us automatically wanna hug & protect him & never let go.
And to go with Allison having purple hair they gotra let Klaus wear black lipstick too, just like in the comics.
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00.03 💋 The Rumor 💋 Allison

Of all the Hargreeves kids, her power's my favorite. I mean yeah time travel is neat, & audiokinesis is rad, but realistically i'd like to have the power of fact manipulation. Maybe cuz I'm a n00b liar & i wanted to lie so good my lies become truths.
Also please let her have purple hair in season 2
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00.02 🔪 The Kraken 🔪 Diego

Dayum I love this pose sm 😍 he sorta accidentally looks more badass 😂 especially with that knife in his mouth. Do y'all ever think he does Wolverine poses with his knives? Krakverine though 😂
He needs to show off his actual power - holding his breath indefinitely - in season 2, I'm kinda sad that some people only know him for knife-throwing precision :
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00.01 🌑 Spaceboy 🌑 Luther

Lots of people are doing the comic vs TV Umbrella Academy fanart, and I've sketched a bunch of them like a month ago, starting with Vanya though but I guess when it comes to coloring imma just have to go with the right order. Here's a sad Luther after finding out Old Man Reggie sent him to the moon for nothing & never read his letters for all of those years.
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