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April 07 2014


July 09 2013

Guys, did you see that Nordic letters? from the top it spelt U.M.O.A

google search on nordic alphabets
WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?! Umoa? Aomu? A society called U.M.O.A?
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Gravity Falls codes


Can anyone teach me how to crack the alphabets code? You know theres these sentence of codes in every ending credit of the show, there can be alphabets and then it turn to numbers… i mean yeah the numbers are easy, just count the according orders of the alphabets…. the alphabets one are the ones i don’t know how to crack

I-T  W-O-R-K-S  F-O-R  P-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-G-S!

Uh…. yeah i have no idea how to crack this

It's using the code that can be read by the caesar cryptogram! It's the ending of this episode and it read MR. CAESARIAN WILL BE OUT NEXT WEEK. MR. ATBASH WILL SUBSTITUTE. Which means the next episode is gonna use an Atbash code instead of the Caesar code.
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February 28 2013

Play fullscreen
What most schools don't teach - code.org

February 03 2013


Movies as code

Tags: code movies movie
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November 09 2012


MCR cursor

Go to Design > Edit CSS and paste this code on the CSS box:

auto } 
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October 24 2012


Doctor Who Cursor Set

Please click on image to be redirected to code. **Note** Paste code in About Me section of your layouts.

Free unlimited image hosting by imgboot

Free unlimited image hosting by imgboot «This cursor best viewed on lighter colored pages.

Credit for previous 2 cursor designs.

Codes (1st - 5th cursors respectively):
a:hover {

a:hover {

a:hover {

Copy & paste them in the Edit CSS section
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September 17 2012

9381 e6dc
Once you guess the code, you have my permission to use
(via 9GAG)
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July 23 2012

Ramadhan High-Way Code. I disagree on not listening to music thing cuz we can, as long as the lyrics have no swear words or sexual references.
(via Muselimah)
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March 16 2012


February 29 2012

2713 4e56 500
ZOMGASP! The time machine really exists!
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November 20 2011


November 18 2011


October 10 2011



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I wouldn´t find this out without this article. To understand, you have to read a part of it. Quote:

“All you had to do was hit the rotating number sequence in the right order to reveal the code “017602783136″ Or maybe I should type it like this… 1 760 278 3136”

 If I was at home and not in the USA, I´d never figure that out but now I understood. It is a PHONE NUMBER. I googled that “760” is for California (oh, what a surprise, right?). For a while I was wodering if I should call there. I did.

 The whole record you can hear after you call the number has like “bad signal” and my English is not probably good enough to understand everything it says. It sounds like classic transmission from year 2019 and sometimes you can hear word Draculoid. That´s what made me continue and listen to all of it. At the end of the record is Morse.

 After this ↑ I realized that EVERYTHING in Killjoy world has the hidden meaning so I googled Morse alphabet and started to translate. After maybe 30 minutes I got this:

…  ….  .  ..  …  …  ._  .._.  .  ._  ._  ._ or i should say

S H E I S S A F E A A A or maybe


EDIT: vocaldestruction says, “AAA” is code for “STOP”… -> something like “END”. And I think “she is safe” is about the little girl in killjoy videos (little Grace)

 People.. THIS is mindfuck… Oh how I missed it :D Reblog this so all Killjoys know that.

If anyone wants to hear the record from the number and doesn´t want to call to California I recorded it and posted on the Internet.

 All you need to do is go -> HERE <-, click on yellow “Stiahnuť”, rewrite code and click on yellow “Stahnuť” again.

 If you want to heard it on tumblr, click -> HERE <-

 And also on youtube -> HERE <- (by muzicrox17)

 If it doesn´t work, let me know. Saxana

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August 16 2011

via busyloop/lolcat - GitHub

// i see what you did there
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June 20 2011


April 16 2011

Add legs and it works the other way round.
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February 18 2011


February 07 2011

holyshit it actually works...
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