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May 27 2014


March 05 2014


June 22 2013

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Hydrophobic Clothing

Perfect for murdering people.

I’m so glad we are all on the same page.

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May 12 2013

Kurdish men in Iran have launched a Facebook campaign to send a message: being a woman is nothing to be ashamed of. The "Kurd Men for Equality" campaign was started in response to a judge's ruling that forced a man convicted of domestic abuse to wear women's clothing as a form of public humiliation.

According to Global Voices, a local court in a Kurdish province of Iran ordered the man be escorted through the streets while wearing a red dress and hijab. Since then, Kurdish Iranians have organised on Facebook to speak out against the ruling, which they say is demeaning to women.

(via AlJazeera)
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June 23 2012


May 16 2012

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