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April 18 2015

Can you give an example about cultural appropriation? Sorry Rara, saw your answer to another question I thought was interesting. ^-^ (by CassandraCalderon87

That's cool :D Okay, for example, a non-Muslim wearing a hijab/niqab as an casual accessory without respecting the religion or acknowledging the hardships Muslimahs face in their everyday lives because they wear something that represents their religion. When non-Muslims wear hijabs for fun, it's like blankly taking something and eventually making the hijab lose its meaning in a way.
It's a different case when said non-Muslim is ASKED to wear a hijab for a certain occasion (e.g. as a social experiment, or when she's invited for an event that requires her to dress like that). It's because there is an invitation and she's only wearing the hijab for that occasion.

This rule also applies to bindis, native american headgears, african tribal clothing, etc and their respective religious/ethnic cultures.

Thanks for explaining. I completely agree with you on this all, agreed. It's like how I'm a hispanic, I sometimes find it offensive insulting how the fashion industry with non-hispanics like Gwen Stefani, Nicki Minaj who aren't hispanic think Chola Cholita is a trend when it isn't.

Chola/Cholita's a feminist-personal movement started by actual Mexican/Latina/Hispanic women/girls in the barrios of L.A. who found it not just as a "gang stereotype" statement but way of feminist-meet escape in their culture from everyday way of life, dealing with having to be strong, etc.
Perfect example in my own hispanic culture, I can understand what your saying as well about your culture and appropriation. :) Fill free to ask me questions as well. (by CassandraCalderon87)

mmmhm... we learn something new everyday :D are there pictures/videos of gwen & nicki going chola/cholita? cuz i havent seen them yet.
thanks for the explanation :] i tried looking for an article about Chola/Cholita but i just found a wikipedia article about Cholo. and in Urbandictionary the definition doesnt really describe what you just described.

yep, how you felt is basically how i, as a muslim, felt too when non-muslims wear hijab, qamis, etc. (unless theyre asked to) just cuz it's "trending" and lol i'll be damned if they start taking bits of stuff touching the subjects indonesians are sensitive about.
thanks :)

Here's a link to it. The article written: http://www.vice.com/read/the-history-of-the-chola-456 (by CassandraCalderon87)

awesome. it's worth the read, thanks. like i said, similar to random people wearing Che Guevara shirts without following his visions. Thats what capitalism does to you :D also i still cant believe that racist Mexican-themed party exists, i facepalmed at the latter costumes mentioned.

So did I. It's like, okay it's one thing if someone wears a sombero mexican hat and poncho for Halloween because that doesn't bug me. But the whole having a Chola-Cholo party when you're not hispanic/mexican really pisses me off. That is racist. (by CassandraCalderon87)

Exactly. I dont mind if people go to parties wearing batik or kebaya either, but I'd be damned if they made a "trending look" out of R A Kartini, one of Indonesia's well-known feminist figures. (idk why I said that, maybe cuz 21st of April is Kartini Day)

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