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February 16 2014

January 12 2014

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December 25 2013

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teethswordplay. I did it again beeyotches. Cuz I'm jealous and theres nothing you can do about it.

December 23 2013

Killjoy or Youngblood? by bandgeek4evur
recolored by me digitally cuz I wanna make it look more like this pic here

December 10 2013

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An old gift art from DisforDelirium (Art-Munkey back then) circa 2007 regarding how I always talk about stealing Gerard Way's boxers. Digitized it to make it look like Franflipay's Run Run

October 28 2013

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Remember the first time you got a dA subscription and you got overexcited and copied NieBakura's green stamps collection on the sidebar & made your own red stamps collection on your sidebar?
oh man, i still have the picture XD thats Nie with the green stamps and me (Chocoreaper) with the red ones n for some reason theres a Gerard Way plush too. the writing below says: Well Nie said "good job, all you need is a sub" she probably said that before I got a sub n a few months later, BAM. Subscription for ma birthday!

Also, I kinda always wanted to red-ify all the green stuff she has, including this
Moodrings by NieBakura

to this
Spiderrings by Chocoreaper

October 07 2013

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September 21 2013

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Choco by xxNattyPatattyxx (2009)
another cute gift from someone in dA whom I used to be closed to... or was this an arttrade?

August 11 2013

a revamp of this
that I drew in 2007. Before my discovery of pen tablet pressure. derp.

July 25 2013

The War Icons

I'm just overwriting this Ask.fm question cuz well the contents isn't that important. ANYWAYS I'll just post these nostalgic matching icons that I initially made for me and my two friends who were involved in the so-called 'war' and then another friend made his own cuz he's taken sides with one of the main two.

Oh and I almost forgot, MyxChemicalxStarfire did these cards for the war too. Mostly to identify which army is which.

For DarkRomanceDesigns, i think she has Tajukage-Bunshin and Leon in her team too but their cards weren't made yet.

I also made these cards in return

May 25 2013


October 07 2012

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Lol my cape doesn't taste like chocolate, but my wings do, cuz it's made outta chocolate. Too bad the sun melted them.
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May 06 2012


April 16 2012

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April 08 2012


September 30 2011

While listening to Vertical Horizon's old song "You're A God" (which is probably the only VH song I have in my laptop) I remembered this old comic of mine. I was briefly addicted to that song because for some reason I interpreted the lyrics into sort of a situation i was in. The usual envying stuation, and no, this isn't exactly a god-complex, it was more along the lines of self-deprecating-but-still-jealous-of-someone-whom-they-think-is-god-complex. Well not literally a god, but still, someone who was famous. An icon. Or at least what is considered to be.

In here we have myself and three other characters (all whom I knew from deviantART); the first one is the one whom I was jealous of and the other two whom I was close to, and were just teasing me because I was too much of a self-deprecater, either cuz they were being friendly or they were just annoyed by me and tried making fun of my ways. Either way that seemed to happen in this storyline, and this was all in my head but in real life, or at least the existing virtual life back then, the situation is more or less like this too cuz I based this comic on what happened.

Maybe these other three don't see this as how I did; obviously, heh, I'm the one who drew this comic. As much as I think this drawing is ugly due to no pen pressure and shaking unsteady hands, I can feel the scenery. The gloomy autumn skies and medium breeze blowing to fit my current mood. Normal on the outside, shitty on the inside, like a two-week old twinkie. There were no breeze in real life but I felt the breeze. I felt myself actually walking on the road into the subway eventhough in real life, I was only sitting in front of the computer screen secluding myself in a dark room. I felt how sad the aura was.
In the beginning before I sang You're A God, I sang Fall Out Boy's song "Thnks Fr Th Mmrs" which has a more upbeat tone. It was quite a fun song, then maybe that explains why I sang it. I was covering up the actual shitty mood I was in.

And then Denorii came and told me she knew about how I actually felt (because that time I didn't know how to do subtle, I always go blatant). Hearing this I should've lightened up and accept fate, but NOOOO. For some reason I had to continue wanting to feel shitty so I gave Denorii a chocolate bar and headed for the subway. Now I never noticed this before, but the chocolate right here actually symbolizes the amount of happiness I had left and BOOSH I just HAD to give it away. And the subway is dark so it probably is suitable place to be all sad & down. Bad move, Chocoreaper, bad move. You should've just kept the chocolate or better yet, share some to her & kept some for yourself. That way both of you will be happy.

Moving on to the subway scene (which I thought was solitary and perfect for some alone time) where DarkRomanceDesigns and xxThornesxx were hiding, with mischievous smirks painted on their faces. They knew I had this self-deprecation complex so they just had to sing You're A God kinda like how I sing it to Denorii, because, well, I admit I deserved it. Dark and Thornes were laughing and back then I thought they were only enjoying this because of my reaction, but there's actually more than that. All this repelling against compliments, this so-called "modesty" that made my mindset build a wall against all the praising of my artworks, they're thinking I'm doing all this too much, and so it was quite enjoyable for those two to "torture" me like this because they knew my reaction was predictable. And it's quite annoying that it was predictable, but back then I couldn't see this fact due to being caged in my own self-deprecating mindset. I was actually only trying to be modest in the beginning but I took it too far to the point of repelling compliments. Sure my drawings were still ugly that time but hey they aren't half bad either, but whatever the reason is, I should've just accepted the compliment and not being a repellant dick about it *sigh*

I naturally think everyone is equal but for some reason in that situation I just don't seem to get that me, along with everyone else, are in the same standards. We were all artists and creative people with different amounts of talent. Our pros and cons may not be equal but at least they balance out each other, just like how people normally are. But I was blinded. I was blinded by the fact that Denorii and her buddy Kuriru seemingly had all the luck, especially when it comes to creativity, subscription and popularity that I was stuck in the deep ditch of envy. I didn't realize I am actually quite luckier than most people among my group of friends and fans, only I couldn't see it because I was dissatisfied. Dissatisfaction manifested by envy towards other artists better than me (or more popular, idk).

I was blinded by envy, by my own made-up reverse-god-complex.
I was blinded.

Speaking of blinded, I was also heavily addicted to Third Eye Blind's song of the same name, but that was another story. And as much as I wanted to redo everything, accept the compliments and only share the chocolate, it isn't possible anymore (unless you're a time lord under the code name Doctor & riding on a blue phone booth called TARDIS)

July 01 2011

June 25 2011

Everyone looks like this.

June 06 2011

Juz stayin' n playin'
Me (left), ~Ceruleanreaper (middle) & ~myoo89 playing the sewing machine bass or the 'sewtar' (right) as Marceline from Adventure Time

May 19 2011

Milkshaken - redone
Redoing an old comic I did back in 2007 featuring ~exheaven. not much difference though, cept for the lineart & expressions XD
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