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January 27 2015


October 22 2014


October 17 2014


The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak


A book that makes grownups say weird words?  Fabulous.  Add in strange noises and the very interesting fact that the book has absolutely NO pictures and you might just have a surefire hit.  B.J. Novak’s picture book The Book With No Pictures certainly doesn’t advertise false, but the hilarity that ensues upon reading it outloud may change your mind about a seemingly boring book.

We cracked up just watching the book trailer.  Hey, a book that makes you say Boo Boo Butt to a group of kids is a winner in our opinion.

October 12 2014



A Minimalist, Maximally Imaginative Geometric Allegory for the Essence of Friendship and Creativity - Wednesday by Anne Bertier

What a circle and a square can teach us about empathy, collaboration, and the origin of great ideas.

One of the cutest abstract minimalist storybook I've ever seen & I wanna get a copy of it bc sheer cuteness

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October 09 2014



Homegirl on a mission

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September 19 2014

June 15 2014


June 03 2014


March 28 2012

I See A Kitty In The Sky by mynameisyasmine
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July 26 2011



I had to write a children’s book for one of my classes for a final assignment this week. The poem and art is mine, but obviously the boy & girl were inspired by Hussie’s Carapacians (and of course I gave all credit in my assignment), so I thought I’d share with you all.

Ugh, I can’t draw dogs, omg, cannot at all.
omg this is so cute
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June 02 2011

Epic fail children's book content
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