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January 15 2013





HOW TO CHEAT ON A SCANTRON- Because i hate you all and exams are coming up , Here is a little trick to help you cheat on these scantrons for your exams. I used to do this all the time back in high school  . Before i tell you how to cheat let me explain a little about scantrons. When they get ran through the machine when an answer is wrong it marks it on the side. When it is done scanning all the answers at the end it will tally how many is marked then count the score. Now how to cheat is simple. Take a chapstick because it is wax. Run it one time through the part circled in the picture. If you didnt know you cant write on wax. So when you get a wrong answer and the machine tries to mark the scantron it wont print the tally and it wont count your answer as wrong ! Simple as that. Very simple very easy. Happy cheating everyone .

coulda used this trick today

I knew I saved it for a reason. And now, I share with you all.

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November 26 2012

If You Cheat on Your Wife, You're Gonna Haba Bad Time
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August 06 2012

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The awkward moment when the cup looks like a lovechild of Cangkir & Kappu
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April 06 2012

How to cheat on a test with the help of a Coca-Cola bottle
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July 16 2011

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