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June 02 2015

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augustus u bitch

isn’t he supposed to fall in love with her? TFIOS movie is SO different from the book…

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July 15 2013

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January 08 2013

There used to be. It was constructed using cheap labour and there were many accidents building the factory, however, none of it ever reached mainstream news. The workers were also underpaid. The head of the Wonka corporation - President Wonklett used to authorize tours for children, however these were ridiculously expensive and very few got to go. However, on one occasion, a child did drown in a lake of chocolate and there weren't the guards to help as they were having a Union strike because of being paid poorly.

President Wonklett eventually got depressed and killed himself.

It isn't a well known fact, but the original Wonka film was based on this Wonka factory. The oomph loompas were symbolic of the underpaid workers, and the children fates were representative of the series of accidents throughout the factory during tours, however, none were amusing as the film portrayed.

The final scenes of the film is considered a symbolic journey of Wonkletts decent into madness, with smashing the glass roof being his gruesome suicide
— Source: Yahoo Answers
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August 24 2012

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