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March 28 2020


December 12 2019

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Wise words from DesignStudentDaily's NuckYeah herself. There wouldnt be fanfics & fanart (especially slash fics & slash art) without characters going OOC even the slightest.

Tbh with the fandoms I'm in, I always stick to the canon, thats one of the reasons I don't tend to ship characters unless it's canon. Thats why I didn't like yaoi back then cuz most of the paired characters are straight & I dont like the idea of gay-ifying straight characters, likewise with CisHet-ifying LGBTQ+ characters. Most of the fandoms I'm in are bands & youtubers. And these people are mostly married or in a relationship so the idea of shipping them with each other kinda made me cringe. That's also why I don't particularly enjoy AU fanart.

But lately I've grown more tolerable & realized that we'll just have to let people enjoy things & express what's inside their head.
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August 20 2017

Oh man how long ago was it when I did this, 2011? 
Pic is from here https://chocoreaper.deviantart.com/art/Razia-s-Shadow-tower-212510224
Song is “Life Is Looking Up” by Forgive Durden, part of the musical.

September 28 2016

Timestamps: Characters

So I’ve been writing this story since November last year, and it was initially supposed to be a faux-diary of myself in an alternate universe working in an animation company, but overtime I’ve dissociated myself from the story and it develops, and the characters develop and soon I’ve chosen looks for them some reason. And really weird names.

Characters from top to bottom L-R:

“Remains Nameless”/RN - storyboardist, co-concept artist, general / odd job animator
Travia - audio team head
Dwy - head animator (basically also a high-level odd job animator)
Azka - concept artist
Ingvald - vectorization/digitalization artist
Berwald - keyframist, co-cleanup artist/animator
Ilona - bg & cleanup artist/animator
Zephyra - musician, one of Shivonne’s close friends. not part of the animation company
Shivonne - animation director, sort of like an underboss of the animation company
Gioven - Shivonne’s boyfriend, works as a consultant in some vehicle company a few floors up.
Asmad, Hajar, Heloise & Strov - game designers / gamers. they make games as a franchise for the animated shows the company made.

you can read the story here 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

June 23 2015

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Quantcast rebrand

A series of animated dancing characters for use in a rebrand for Quantcast.

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Work by ANO


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June 15 2015






the other day i marathoned the whole of steven universe in one afternoon so…i made some pixels…….

separate pixels here!

added some exciting new friends


hey, here are some more


look out…..heres a bunch

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And he was the inspiration for Zorro who became the inspiration for Batman.

#women invented all your favorite genres

Actually, the first person to ever have their name associated with an original written work was Enheduanna, a Sumerian princess and priestess born in 2285 BC.

In other words, the FIRST AUTHOR IN HUMAN HISTORY was a woman.

#just thought you should know

And the first novel, THE TALE OF GENJI, was written by a Japanese noblewoman in the 11th century.
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June 14 2015


Disney leading ladies saving the leading men in distress 

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June 12 2015


here’s what happens when you tell an artist that their design looks like another character design:
-if it’s a character they know, they will feel ashamed and worried that they subconsciously ripped off the design. they will not want to draw that design anymore
-if it’s a character they don’t know, they will become fearful that other people who don’t know them are going to look at their design and think that they ripped it off anyway and they will not want to draw that design anymore
-it’s not a compliment
-it just makes us feel bad

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June 10 2015

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Human screentime of Disney PoC characters in 3 of the last 6 PoC-lead WDAS films

*sips her tea*

Everyone who has ever been turned into an animal in a Disney movie was done so, because they needed to learn a lesson.

Tiana was working herself to the bone, then had the one thing she was working for, ripped away from her.
She needed to learn that life is full of situations one cannot control. She learned that taking some time to reevaluate what’s really important to her, not to others, is good for her and that sometimes what you want isn’t what you need. 


Kuzco was a selfish little prick who was willing to not only boot HIS subjects off of THEIR land, but was going to offer them nothing in return for… 


It took him being thrown from his comfort zone and into the lives he was planning to ruin from his selfishness, to knock some sense into him. He was extremely stubborn and it took him nearly the whole movie to actually understand that, due to his selfishness and insensitivity toward others, people who had more resources than him, were out to kill him. 
(Not to mention that Yzma was turned into a cat. After using and abusing Kronk, treating Kuzco’s subjects with distain, and attempting to kill her previous employer.) 


Naveen was willing to do anything (originally thinking of marry a woman he’s never met before, but then being convinced that voodoo would have a “no strings attached” solution for his money problems) just to be free to travel and romance any gal he’d take an interest in. 
He was turned into a frog and had to reevaluate how he responded to others. He found out that he didn’t need an extravagant lifestyle, just to be happy. He also learned that hard work can be really rewarding. 


Kenai lost his eldest brother and was thrown into a vengeful rage. He wanted vengeance at the cost of a child’s mother. He was then turned into a bear from his transactions and had to learn to see things from another’s perspective. It was only after he corrected his behavior and learned to let go, that he was allowed to be a human again. 
But, here’s the important part, he chose to remain a bear, so he could take care of his new family.  


Are we noticing a pattern here? 
When someone needs to learn a perspective changing lesson, they’re turned into an animal, because that couldn’t be further from what they’re used to. 
They were all given the choice to change back or remain the animal they were turned into. 
So, with all of this in mind, here’s my final example. 


From what we know, it took this idiot years to learn how to properly interact with others and treat them as equal. From what’s been said in the other Beauty and the Beast films, it’s to be assumed he’d been cursed for nearly 10 years. 


these people reach for the stars

Also kuzco got an entire show of him being (mostly) human

Oh look at that 




SJWS have too much fucking free time 

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June 09 2015

I've always wondered what women do during their periods in certain stories



Do they have pads and tampons in the wizarding world? or do they just cast some super absorbing spell on their underwear?

Are girls allowed to bring tampons to the Hunger Games arena? 
Or do they have to publicly announce that they are on their period and hope a sponsor will send a parachute? 
Or do they have to make their own out of moss?  

I am so glad I’m not the only one who’s thought of this.

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Teen Movie Tropes That I'm Really Getting Sick Of


  • Tomboy gets a girly makeover and wins the guy of her dreams
  • The queen bitch of the school wears a short dress at the big school dance and is promptly shown up by the protag girl who’s wearing a long dress 
  • Girl crushes on the most popular guy at school and almost gets with him only to realize her guy best friend was the one all along
  • The most popular girl at school is like the leader of the cheer squad or the head of the prom committee
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June 08 2015

Ghost characters & urban legends according to your zodiac signs from Line

June 07 2015

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"Crying isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of having tried too hard to be strong for too long.”

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June 05 2015

A Tasting Menu of Female Representation:


The Bechdel:

two or more women talking to each other about something other than a man

The Mako Mori:

at least one female character with her own narrative arc that is not about supporting a man’s story

The Sexy Lamp:

a female character that cannot be removed from the plot and replaced with a sexy lamp without destroying the story.

Chef’s Specials:

The Anti-Freeze:

no woman assaulted, injured or killed to further the story of another character.

The “Strength is Relative”:

complex women defined by solid characterization rather than a handful of underdeveloped masculine-coded stereotypes.

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June 04 2015








Let’s stop asking Who’s the boy/girl in the relationship and start asking who’s the blue/red.


Yeah, I can see it.



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June 03 2015


a fantasy book where:

  • the necromancer isn’t at all evil, keeps their reanimated cat as a companion
  • the ‘dark lord’ is woman who wears a floor length floral cloak and pink kitten heels
  • the orcs are highly intelligent and frequently engage in orc chess and deep philosophical debates
  • the elvish archer is the clumsiest, most inaccurate little shit ever
  • the bard writes deep emo poetry, constantly quoting sonnets by the most talented musicians of the era-  ‘fall out bard’ and ‘panic at the inn’
  • the mage only knows 3 spells- and they all involve cutlery
  • the intellectual character that finds the powerful relic/enchanted item/mysterious glowy thing is 120% done with all of it ‘for GODS sake, that is the SEVENTH DARK ORB THIS YEAR are yOU KIDDING’
  • the healer character is also the most ripped, usually ends up treating their own wounds more than anyone elses
  • the ‘deep broody’ character is actually mute the whole time but no one realises and thinks it’s just part of his moody persona until he has to fucking spell it out for them (literally), spends the whole story making exasperated faces and gestures
  • the dragon that’s hunting them down for the whole story is actually just trying to give back the shoe that one of them lost while running away, and is actually very conversational ‘bro, you’ve got this all wrong– look, you dropped this bro, haha i’m always forgetting stuff too don’t worry’
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May 22 2015

Horoscopes as Bikini Bottom recurring background characters



Aries: Nat Peterson

Taurus: Harold Bill Reginald

Gemini: Fred

Cancer: Sandals

Leo: Tom

Virgo: Nancy Suzy Fish

Libra: Sadie Rechid

Scorpio: Shubie

Saggitarius: Scooter

Capricorn: Dave

Aquarius: Old Man Jenkins

Pisces: Abigail Marge


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May 21 2015

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Hogwarts Houses + Disney Characters

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