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September 23 2012



My friend sent me this. So I’m just borrowing it. It made me chuckle haha!… And letting them breed is a bad thing. What’s the harm? Loki being impregnated by Thor. I don’t see what’s bad hahaha!

Fury senses that Thorki is possible. Wow nightmare much.
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March 24 2011

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The Raven, perhaps?
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March 18 2011


Homebrew Super Sensitive Ionzation Chamber


Sensitive homemade ion chambers for detecting nuclear radiation are fairly easy to build but the circuitry is tricky and should only be attempted by "seasoned" experimenters - the currents are likely to be well below 1 pA unless there is a serious nuclear war in progress! (The simple version is "beginner friendly"!) Special electronics is needed at the front end, typically called an "electrometer" circuit, which produces an output voltage in proportion to the input current. The electrometer must have a very low bias or leakage current to avoid masking the desired signal and the intrinsic impedance of the amplifier must be extremely high. The input impedance of the electrometer may be fairly low, however, using feedback to convert the tiny current into a usable voltage.


Super-Sensitive Ionization Chamber

Improved performance may be realized with an electrometer JFET or ultra-low leakage CMOS op-amp in place of the Darlington transistor. This detector features an old-fashioned electrometer JFET transistor like those commonly used in early smoke detectors, pH meters and electrometer amplifiers. The leakage in these FETs is remarkably low, typically below 25 fA, depending on the package and surface contamination.

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