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June 01 2015

List of bisexuals whose identities are erased by the media.



All or which have either been given the name “gay” or “straight“ by the media despite coming out. There are more than two sexualities and this is a fact that most people (even on Tumblr nowadays) forget. People tend to assume that since someone is with a person of the same gender, they’re gay. (Or vice versa in Angelina or P!nk’s case) This is incorrect to assume because you’re erasing their identities in the process. The people on this list aren’t gay or straight, they’re bisexual.No matter how much the media tries to erase that.

I will repost this forever 

November 14 2014

March 03 2014

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July 19 2013

and Alicia Keys will be naming her next kid Car when Gerard Way names his next kid Bus.

actually if Brad & Angelina had/adopted a boy they can call him Arm Pitt if his first name is Armand.
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November 05 2012


October 27 2012


Celebs in geek t-shirts

October 26 2012


June 27 2012

(Subbed) Celebrities Who Cannot Draw - Video Dailymotion

Holy fahk I'm laughing. The best part is that they made merchandise out of their bad doodles XD. And I love the cyclist part so much.
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May 28 2012

Impersonations - Chestersee

May 27 2012

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Eyebrows DO matter
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May 01 2012


April 21 2012


the matthew lewis school of successfully navigating puberty

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March 13 2011

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