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June 21 2015

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asked by a random anon :) took me days to get started cuz I was busy with office work.

out of the blue I decided to make Fab into some kinda mama bird, just because (maybe because I was thinking of birds previously & the idea subconsciously popped up). and I didnt intend to make the comic this long btw, ideas just kept popping up and it was after minutes that I found everything looking really wrong :B
and Fab going full bird in the end. scary.


otherspook asked:
haha your latest comic is hilarious especially the end with Fab as a bird! Fab's not dating Binki anymore though, they broke up a while ago... (Also lol Julian's tshirt says "trash")
lol thanks :3
ahh nooo thats too bad D: i wonder what’s gonna happen to Little Joy though.

This emphasizes the “lonely and unmarried” that Julian said in panel 3 then XD

November 20 2013






I think the Ravenclaw motto should be caw caw motherfuckers

I vote we change them all
hiss hiss motherfuckers
roar roar motherfuckers

is the one for hufflepuff missing cause they’re too polite to say motherfucker or cause nobody knows what a badger sounds like?


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August 29 2012



caw caw motherfuckers

Das my boy, Clint. Making bros like a baws.

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