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May 11 2013


May 05 2013

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March 01 2013

They never. EVER. actually so-called "asked for it" in the first place. ever.
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February 11 2013


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Sneak peek of the official Shirts for a Cure public service announcement. [Watch Video]

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January 22 2013

I Am A Star.

November 13 2012

Oh boy, the reasons why chicks get turned on by gay dudes.

October 09 2012

#savepalestine by ghozai
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September 16 2012


July 26 2012

9332 4777


Get behind this campaign! Around 2million people leave Islam in Indonesia every year, soon it may cease to be the largest muslim Majority country in the world. We are seriously failing if we let this happen. Your Ummah needs YOU. 

Check out the campaign trailer on Youtube- Save Maryam

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May 15 2012


10 Most Creative “Life’s Too Short For Wrong Jobs” Ad Campaigns

Angry from your boss? Switch now because life’s to short for wrong jobs.

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April 09 2012


Don't Stereotype Me - UMW ISA Campaign


DON’T STEREOTYPE ME——University of Mary Washington Islamic Student Association campaign against stereotyping and judging on campus. This campaign was inspired by the Trayvon Martin case. Stereotyping essentially killed Trayvon Martin so we wanted to raise awareness about the negative effects of stereotyping. 

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December 01 2011

Occupy Imagination by yuumei
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October 25 2011

Occupy Mordor campaign

August 02 2011


Moustaches Make A Difference

Movember stalin communist or conqueror
Josef Stalin Communist / Conqueror

Movember mr kesuke miyagi old man or old master
Mr. Kesuke Miyagi Old man / Old master

Movember super mario handyman or hero
Super Mario Handyman / Hero

Movember hulk hogan white trash or world champ
Hulk Hogan White trash / World champ

Movember freddie mercury queen or queen
Freddie Mercury Queen / Queen

Movember einstein geriatric or genius
Einstein Geriatric / Genius

Movember salvadore dali bizarre or brilliant
Dali Bizarre / Brilliant

Movember gandhi protester or prophet
Gandhi Protester / Prophet

Movember che guevara rebel or revolutionary

Memes - moustache gif - fixed

Source: http://theinspirationroom.com/daily/2010/moustaches-make-a-difference/
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August 01 2011


April 26 2011


March 31 2011

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