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January 14 2015

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This was the first clue everyone

She didnt really say that in the series though, but still.
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July 16 2013





god damn it it’s true.

these are like my favorite candy too and i have no idea what they are or where to buy them

It is a secret closely guarded by the world’s grandmothers.

When I turn 60, do I get a letter in the mail with no return address telling me where to buy these?

every fuCKIN HARI RAYA IDUL FITRI THESE ALWAYS APPEAR IN MY FRIDGE this candy has a thing with holidays, people, especially festive ones

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August 18 2012

That awkward moment when a 7 year old girl forces her mom to buy her a laptop.

Dude, when I was your age, I forced my mom to buy me food.


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July 27 2012


March 24 2012

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Guitarists & collectors must understand this
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March 07 2012

Because 11 pairs of gloves isn't enough.
Wait WHAT? Women propose to men all the time & not just leap days!

November 27 2011


April 02 2011

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