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May 20 2014

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May 11 2013

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October 03 2012








Backstage at London Fashion Week.

i just searched the lady gaga tag to see if tumblr savior is working ,and then i see this . she angers me so much

seriously what the fuck are you doing

you get my gif too

if you can wear it, why can’t she?

Because she’s not Muslim, because she’s not from the middle east, because she can’t fucking wear shit that has religious and cultural significance for the name of fashion while my sisters, myself and milllions of other muslim women still get shitted on by western society and are called oppressed for just wearing a hijab, let alone a full veil and face covering while this woman can wear a cheap ugly tacky piece of shit and call it a burqa.

strike 600 for lady gaga


Raccoon tails and burqa. RACCOON TAILS AND BURQA. People always ask me why I hate her, well this is my answer. 

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July 16 2011

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