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April 26 2015

I was bullied, but I fought back

Bullying seems to be part of growing up. It only gets bad when the bullied are not empowered enough and there aren’t any supporters like parents, teachers to show him/her the way. I felt the way to get out of a bullying scenario was to stand up to them. Take the power out of the bully by not feeling bullied. I got to this point because I was just so tired of waiting for something magical to happen. I had to look out for myself and fight for myself. The bullying stopped when I didn’t let it happen to me. But kids need support: they need to know it’s not okay to be bullied. Parents, love your kids and tell them to stand up for themselves.
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December 02 2014

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May 07 2014


January 09 2014

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I will reblog this until the stars burn out……

white people are very brave when it comes to terrorizing black children who do not have the power to fight back. and are very surprise when someone comes to their defense.

I will reblog until I die.

little shit was probably running his mouth

Well what do you know, criminalizing a small Black child with no logical backing to, how original of you.

Even if the kid WAS talkin shit, how the fuck does that:

A) Give a stranger the right to KICK him

B) stop adults from being grown ass adults and, YOU KNOW, being in control of their ~feelings~ when a little ass CHILD is back talking you.





And this fuck ass is trying to talk about this kid “running his mouth?”

Grown adults shouldn’t be hurting little kids, even if the kid possibly said something rude (well darn, that’s a thing fucking kids do). 

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October 12 2013

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Catundra by Stephen Cosgroves, narratd by Mark Pearson.

As a kid I loved this story (cuz it's probably the only Serendipity book I've ever had) and loved how the mole changed Catundra by starting small, and that she's willing to listen to him and go on a diet instead of eating more whenever she gets depressed. So if anyone ever feels fat and teased, just remember this story.

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September 18 2013

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I swear I've reposted this before, but what did I tag?
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August 22 2013


February 23 2013

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To This Day Project - Shane Koyczan
Bullying and calling name to kids can affect them, even after they grow up. Even to this day.

January 20 2013

Losers - a film about bullying.
I really love the part when the kids do their stuff... until those bitches show up & bully the crap outta them.

October 09 2012

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The Pink Shirt - YouTube

August 23 2011

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