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October 10 2014




That sounds cool. BUT HOW DOES IT WORK?

(Helicarrier Hulk wakes up, no control, attacks everyone. New York Hulk is good guy buddy only hurt bad guy. Wait! OK! Loki was harshing the vibe on the helicarrier. No, wait further, Loki was just as there in New York. In fact, quite close to Mr. Grabby Hulk.)

I am continually drawn to this dumb film by the interaction between Downey and Ruffalo. I am continually put off by this dumb film by how dumb it is.

Wow, look at this! It’s 2014, and people are still saying things like this! Amazing!!! :D Here, let me explain to you why, and how:

First of all, why do people keep forgetting that The Incredible Hulk happened?? In that film it was shown that Bruce can actually control the Hulk when he deliberately hulks out.

Please notice that Bruce hulked out on the helicarrier because something blew up and he was thrown so hard he fell one floor down through the window. It was obvious that Bruce was hurt and in danger.

Hulk exists to protect Bruce, Bruce was in danger, you do the math.

Not to mention that Bruce was understandably angry at Natasha and Fury because he felt like they’d lied to him. (Therefore, causing Hulk to went after Natasha).

Manhattan Hulk showed up because Bruce ‘asked’ him to. Because he fucking did it on purpose. The Hulk is the physical manifestation of Bruce’s emotions — all his anger, frustration, empathy, sadness, disappointment, sympathy, love, hate, everything. That’s why Hulk knew which are the bad ones and which are the good ones, that’s why he saved Tony from falling off the sky, that’s why he listened to Steve’s orders. Hulk isn’t just some mindless beast who has no feelings whatsoever. He recognised and saved Betty in the midst of his rampage in TIH, looked hesitant when he saw the fear in Natasha’s eyes (it was brief but it was there), punched Thor as a payback, etc. Hulk is not that simple.

Bottom line is, that Bruce can control the Hulk to some degree when he has the option or actually gets to choose, and that’s not what happened on the helicarrier.

So, yea, that’s how.

In this post the uneducated are taught that The Hulk isn’t a mindless monster born simply out of rage.

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July 03 2014

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May 10 2014


August 03 2013


December 30 2012


Bruce Banner shimeji (c) Ecokitty [download here]


So I made a Bruce Banner shimeji, but I didn’t feel like it was worthy of the Ask the Science Bros blog because there is a possibility it won’t work for some people. If you like it though, please download! He does a lot of things, like eats blueberries, meditates, daydreams of Tony, partially Hulks out, and goes all evil with Loki’s scepter! 

Just download the zip file, unzip it, and click on the application that looks like this to bring Bruce out! (If you are having problems downloading, try using 7-Zip when downloading the file.)

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 They love me. I can’t blame them, because… who wouldn’t? 



(via ecokitty)
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November 23 2012

“You did scare the hell outta some pigeons though!”
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Maybe these girls'll indulge in tech while their boys play with science.
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November 03 2012

Lilo & Stitch ftw.
Happy halloween from askthesciencebros
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October 18 2012


Tony: Of course, it’s SCIENCE.

((ooc: Agh, I’m terrible. I forgot to cite the parody of where this came from: [x]. It’s from Two Best Sisters Play Portal 2. …Amazing animation!))

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Bruce: Well, I don’t know about Tony’s team, but I have a group of four Pokemon. 

Betty gave me Teddiursa when I visited her at Culver University. She suggested that Teddiursa could aid me while I was in hiding. It has the task of following me around with important items in case I hulk out, like ID, money, and clothing. I found Shaymin in a field of Gracidea flowers when looking for a Hulk cure near the bottling facility in Brazil. It keeps me calm and collected in stressful situations. I came across Cubone when I was on the run and hiding out in a forest in Guatemala. It had lost its mother so I decided to take him in. I understand how painful it can be to lose someone so close to you, so we have a special bond. The Reuniclus was given to me by Ross when I still worked for the army. It’s helpful when I need an assistant to help me when Tony isn’t around.

I don’t know what I’d do without them.

((ooc: oops the question was for both of them…I’ll do Tony too!))

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((ooc: Thanks for over 1000 followers! You guys are awesome!))

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October 14 2012

So much crying and hugging I scare myself. This came from a random pre-sleep thought and I just wanted to draw them hugging warmly & calming each other down without making it look like a slash pairing.
Anyway it's up to the readers what they're crying about.
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I don’t always ship bromances..

..but when I do, I ship a LAB BROMANCE!


This is why someone should take your art supplies away, Nikki. This right here.

ahaha, I like the part that reveals that Tony’s head is too hugeXD

OMG. I love surprise!Matt with my Science Boyfriends <3

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HERE! have some fluffy comforting moment post hulk-out and Bruce as fragile puppy, sob…. though i dont have any backgrounds story how they end up there. Sorry jarvis, Tony is a bit grumpy when he’s lack of sleep. and forget bout technical matters (grammar, lighting,anatomy, etc) i just wanna draw them hugging in bed….
I'm not into this pairing but they just look so warm.
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October 12 2012

Tony makes Bruce jealous. Hulk is so cute when he's jealous hurrr
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