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August 20 2014

March 11 2014

January 27 2013

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Welcome to a more beautiful web - 30 second Internet Explorer commercial
Is it wrong if I'm actually tempted to try IE9?

June 18 2012

You all know Chrome, you all know Rockmelt, well lemme introduce you to their sibling, Torch! Go download it & download videos & torrents endlessly! It's meant for downloading & sharing :D

April 26 2012


April 10 2012


February 29 2012

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ZOMGASP! The time machine really exists!
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December 07 2011

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October 29 2011


August 11 2011

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In my case it's Firefox. When launched, it's slower than Internet Explorer, and I'm using Chrome [x]
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July 27 2011


July 26 2011


This doesnt actually work for me but meh whatevs.

March 22 2011


January 26 2011

Baidu launches browser with Chrome-like design

China's largest search engine comes with a single bar that can be used to input Web addresses or searches. It also has a marketplace to download thousands of applications.

Baidu has offered up a beta version of its first-ever browser, and at first glance, it looks quite similar to Google's Chrome.

The browser, which was made available for download earlier this week on Baidu's site, includes a single bar at the top, allowing users to either input addresses or search the Web. In addition, the browser's home page offers access to an application marketplace, similar to the Chrome Web Store, featuring thousands of programs users can access. When users choose an application, including the Youku video service or Sina's Weibo microblog offering, it's added to the home page.

According to The Wall Street Journal, opened applications appear in a new tab, and many of them are hosted by Baidu.

Well Baidu IS like the Google of China... so not surprising.
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