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May 22 2014

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March 25 2014


May 05 2013

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Legend of Zelda Chainmail Bracelets
Cuff Bracelet and Slave Bracelet available at Chain Girl
I want a 30 Seconds To Mars triad version of these pls
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September 20 2012

Now this is creative... and they're only made outta drink can tabs, some beads and some strings. Want.
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July 21 2012

Pins on a charm bracelet?
(via VintageVienna)
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November 17 2011

Yes yes yes yes yes

July 20 2011

February 18 2011


January 30 2011

Submitted: Sony Bracelet Computer Concept (Wear a computer on your wrist) | Wholly's Blog

Ever thought about wearing a computer around your wrist? Marked for the year 2020, designer Hiromi Kiriki designs this Sony Bracelet Computer concept made to...
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