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May 08 2015




boys with collarbones (✿◠‿◠)

boys with clavicles (◕‿◕✿)

boys with spines (。♥‿♥。)

boys with patellas (≧◡≦)

boys with phalanges (◑‿◐)

boys with thoracic vertebrae (✿ ♥‿♥)



hello ladies

January 22 2015





Boys, romanticize yourselves. You are a king. You are a warrior. You are an enchanter. You are an angel. You are a god. You are all of these things and more, you are the stuff of fairytales.

You know, that’s the first time anyone’s ever told me that

That’s sad, because you deserve the chance to be as much of a prince as I get the chance to be a princess.

That’s really needed actually, thank you.

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January 12 2015

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May I just point this dumb thing out? Cuz generally there’s nothing wrong with boys playing with toys that are targeted for girls. It seems like society’s taken this message but (correct me if I’m wrong) only when the toy in question is My Little Pony due to the number of fans. Little boys still got the treatment in the upper panels whenever they’re caught playing Bratz, Strawberry Shortcake, etc.
Also, most of the “insults” in the 2nd panel aren’t even real insults. Little boys logic.

Had this random thought back in Jakarta.

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September 18 2014


July 27 2014


July 13 2014

July 06 2014


July 03 2014

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January 09 2014



middle school boys in the locker room

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November 10 2013

What did you dream about last night?

some fucking scary shit that I refuse to remember anymore. it all started with me and the family walking in the streets of suburban Jakarta or something but then I got lost and I had to take a subway train and there were demons and some tried to kidnap and possess me and I had to constantly read the Ayat Kursi to repel them, only problem is the demons already caught my face and I couldn't read the verses properly. 

the worst thing about it is that this is a recurring dream, only with different situations each dream, but it's always me being almost possessed. 

Just the other night I had a dream my brother was seeing an online friend of mine. Apparently theyve been secretly dating. I was gonna surprise n congratulate ythem but they were in a hospital and when i arrived in one ward my friend was there but not my brpther idk why.
And then the next scene moved on to judging and identifying the personalities of people based on their appearances. I don't remember what happened earlier but in the end we looked at an ugly-ish guy with neck-length hair and a thick erect mustache, and someone identified him as "the person who does not give a fuck at all" and we see more photos of him loitering and smoking here and there on the street. This guy does not give a fuck. At all.

What did you dream about last night?

I was gonna tell you a dream I had the night before.

So I was best friends with these two guys, I don't know how or why I came to be bffs with them. One day one guy found an old trash dump and thinking of recycling it. Weirdly the trash can was painted black with two vermillion red stripes across, like a racecar.
One guy decided to turn it into a urinal and he peed in it. I and the other guy laughed.

And the next day I felt like I need to poop so I pooped in the same trash can urinal. Then the two guys suddenly came in the room and saw me pooping in the trash can. They laughed their asses off.
One of them said "dude, your sister is totally killing me!" to which the other guy replied, "she's not my sister. We go way back so we treat each other like siblings". Seems like I knew one of them way more than the other.

And in another scene, I was in a wedding dress, apparently getting married. The two guys were my best men. Yes, BEST MEN, all at once. They took pictures of me in the dress and asked me to do a shocked pose. Then one guy edited the shocked expression of me in some app and laughed his ass off. I turned to look at his laptop screen and found out he's added shock spikes to the pictures, and the hilarious thing is, EVEN THE SHOCK SPIKE HAS ITS OWN SHOCK SPIKE. The picture is right here.

September 07 2013

All these naked boys on the field!
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September 05 2013

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August 28 2013

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I just… I can’t even…

I posted this like in a minute and I have likes woah

you woman are my hero.


Exactly. I don't understand why they're attractive, their main function is to feed babies & nothing about it sounds sexually attractive.
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August 27 2013

Instead of banning girls from wearing certain things how about u just ban boys from being thirsty little hoes
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August 10 2013

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So glad we could clear this up.

May 15 2013

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Long story short, I would just draw boys everyday. Practice makes boys.


(via eulerstalker)

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March 09 2013


February 10 2013


Knave girls and Gay girls and Boys

From the QI episode on Boys and Girls last year:
The people who were traditionally dressed in pink and called girls were boys. Pink was considered the traditional colour for boys and blue for girls in the 19th century. In 1927, there was a report about Princess Astrid of Belgium who had decorated her son’s room pink, only for her to give birth to a daughter. Part of the reason why blue may be seen as the traditional colour for girls is because the Virgin Mary is dressed in blue. Right until the mid-15th century, all children were referred to as girls, boys were called “knave girls” and girls were called “gay girls”. The word “boy” originally meant “servant”.

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September 01 2012


August 06 2012

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