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June 15 2015


February 22 2015

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Cool and Creative Moby Dick Book Covers (Many thanks to bookporn!)

1. By Umberto Scalabrini

2. By Marko Manev 

3. By Eric He

4. By Patrizia Mastrapasqua

5. By Alexandre Godreau

6. By Василий Студенецкий

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June 12 2014

May 21 2014


February 11 2014

That Sinking Feeling...

One of the two paintings I did yesterday, digitized. Don't know what I'm trying to imply here

Once again Twenty One Pilots' "Kitchen Sink" was on my mind and thus, the sink (that looks like a tub). Oh and the character started out as a random doodle I did after being inspired by Scoop stuff (here's the doodle). Her code name is NVDЯ or NVD-Я, haven't thought of an actual name for her yet. After going to Scoop for the second time I felt like making another book cover, or just a picture, starring her in it.

Man I swear when I first painted this piece traditionally it looked like a hot mess (especially the geometrical shapes & lines)

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January 10 2014


BFFL notebook cover

I tried painting them first with watercolor just to see what the patterns will look like. I love the texture but too bad I don’t have a scanner right now, so the writings look unclear.

BFFL book covers
More notebook cover designs! I'm still inspired by Scoop and all the notebook covers they sold in that store, so this time I'm trying to draw my characters from BFFL in a different style. This oughtta be fun.

At first I tried drawing the lineart, and then coloring it traditionally with watercolor. This is the final product, but I just thought I could put some textures in there (cuz I like the watercolor textures so much but I need to make the writings pop out too).

More on my art blog
BFFL © me
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BFFL book covers - lineart. Done traditionally.

January 06 2014


Another piece inspired by the art from Scoop. This suddenly came to my mind cuz some notebook covers’ illustrations smell of English gardens, flight, lampposts and fancy dresses to accompany those attractively weird anatomy proportions. Plus I’m always up for trying minimalist color palettes.

The lyrics in the speech bubble are from Angels and Airwaves’ song “Secret Crowds”

Credits for the newspaper stock images:

Old French Newspaper 2 by kirilee

Japanese Newspaper 4 by Snowys-stock

Newspaper collage texture by flordeneu

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January 05 2014

Leaves n Stem book cover
Available in 8 colors so I made them all as a gif.
Inspired by some notebook covers at Scoop.

Here's the compilation and the separate pieces

January 03 2014


Another book cover design I did in a few versions.
The pattern is probably overused already, but there's a reason why. It looks nice as a book cover. Or a dress (but I don't wear dresses)

Alternating leaves with the same color as the stems just for fun.

January 01 2014

Fluffy Deer with Little Girl
another version of this, done in the color I feel matching with the other color.

December 31 2013

Fluffy Deer with Little Girl

was inspired by the artsy stuff they sell at Scoop so I tried doing something unlike my drawing style.

I don't know why I wanna start with this deer & the little girl with it. It kidna looks nice as a book cover.

Linearted in pen & digitized in Photoshop. Here's the WIP, the other version and the full compilation

August 02 2013


April 14 2013



Some mathematical Fionna and Cake comic book covers

(via penguin-circus)

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December 09 2012


August 27 2012

Aww yiss... it sorta looks like an interesting comic
(via Danbooru)

July 18 2012

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