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June 03 2015

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Her parents must be sooo proud.

You know what, yes her parents should be fucking proud. She made a successful music career and left Disney on her own accord because she was unhappy with them. She is happy as fuck, dude. She is living her life exactly how she wants to be. She is fucking swimming without a top on in the ocean. Have you never swam naked before, dude? This would be fine if she was a man. No one would even think twice about this photo. And that’s fucking bullshit to me. It’s 3 in the morning and I don’t know why I’m getting so pumped about Miley Cyrus but I’m so sick of women getting chastised for showing their fucking breasts. THEY ARE FUCKING BREASTS. And if this was a nudes leak you’d probably be all about it. She knows she was probably going to get photographed here and THATS WHAT BOTHERS YOU. That she is so comfortable with herself and her body that she doesn’t care. She is in control and you can’t take that from her.

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May 25 2015

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this means a lot, my boyfriend considers him self fat no matter what I tell him. One of my best guy friends thinks no one will date him because he is over weight which is the most un true thing every. All guys bodies are attractive.

This means a lot to me too because my boyfriend also thinks he’s fat regardless of what I say. The saddest day was when I watched him step on a scale and get sad at a number he saw. Spread the love. 

It’s not just the guys that are overweight either. One of my best friends is constantly poked fun at for being really skinny and he’s super self conscious about it. It’s just sad

I’m always going to reblog this

My ex boyfriend used to get depressed because of his weight. I kept telling him that I found him incredibly attractive anyway, but it wouldn’t matter. My nowadays boyfriend complains about being too skinny, which is so sad because he looks amazing. Both are beautiful, they just need to know that. They both try to make me feel confident about my body, but when I try to make them love theirs, it won’t work. Guys, you all are beautiful. We all are. Just spread the love

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