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November 30 2019

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idk why it seems like a good idea revamping a cringy 2000s emo artwork but alright

technically theyre dolls so there shouldnt be blood but idk i just like the sight of blood spatter

June 06 2015

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troll cat
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February 04 2015



i don’t only have glitter in my veins, 2013

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January 04 2015

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Anzimata asks: Hi, sepertinya telat sekali untuk ikutan permainan ini. Pap your fave pic from my instagram http://instagram.com/anzimatta ; Thanks! Have a nice day

These series definitely X X X
they're so bloody-red & eye-catching

Anzi's response:

December 13 2014

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i was trying to make my friend a bday cake but the dye on the decorative icing started leaking and dripping everywhere so it accidentally became the most ominous and violent looking baked good ive ever seen…… i slapped on some sprinkles to try and make it less threatening looking. it worked a little bit.


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November 30 2014

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October 27 2014


October 14 2014

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My turn next. My Chemical Romance's 'Blood' with emojis
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October 11 2014

Geered, Vyrt, fans and the nosebleedsplosion
Well I guess you can say the ship has now sailed… pun intended. To the fans aboard on that ship, at least. PUN INTENDED AGAIN

On twitter, jaredletosnatchedyourwig and I was brainstorming a comic idea based on Jared & Gerard derping on VyRT. For a site that let fans interact with their idols, I don’t know why I imagine Vyrt as a ship. Maybe it’s just for puns, which worked. Also I had to visibly includejaredletosnatchedyourwig herself and the girl who asked Gerard the question, Melanie Maynard (I hope I got her looks right, and no, she’s not the comedian, that’s another Melanie Maynard.). And the nose blood ocean was the randomest way to end this comic cuz I have no more ideas kay bye

I wonder if there’s a Princess Tomo-chan shirt in real life. And I wanna see Tomo wearing it.
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August 29 2014

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August 12 2014


July 06 2014

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June 15 2014

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March 30 2014


March 29 2014


March 12 2014


December 25 2013

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teethswordplay. I did it again beeyotches. Cuz I'm jealous and theres nothing you can do about it.

November 19 2013

What drink do you prefer when you’re thirsty?

the tears of my enemies and the blood of the ones I envy. and orange juice. i like drinking orange juice when im killing people, besides, killing can make you thirsty.
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October 01 2013

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australian adverts are slowly becoming my favourite



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